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Thread: The new dragon

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    The new dragon

    My friend that is in my village, or should I say in our village, has received the new dragon but she said that it is still locked in her site where all her different dragons are stored. She can't get on here and she can't write support because she messed up her email address and can't receive emails until support gets it fixed. So she asked if I would post on here about how to get her new dragon unlocked??

    Also, I would like to know if we only get one per person in each village? I have visited a lot of villages and have only seen one in several of the villages that I have visited. I have tried and tried to get it by watching soooo many videos and still have not had the luck to get it. So, is it just one per village??

    And my friends avatars name is Wire-twister and she is in the village of Willowhill in the valley of Wander Canyon. She also expressed a thank you for letting me forward this so she can get her dragon unlocked, since she has no other way to get in touch with support.

    Happy New Year, Nuttynanny, elder of Willowhill...

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    Usually a refresh does the trick, then flash cache, cache and cookies. Do tell if she still has issues afterward. The dragon jinx can be won once per player, it has nothing to do with the village, luck is all, keep on watching.

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    Thanks, I will let her know..

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    She has cleared her browers, all of them, flash and restarted her computer. And the horned dragon is still locked. She can't even change it because it is locked and will not get it back to use again... can anyone of the mod's get support to help her get it unlocked?? you can look on her dragon statue and see she has the dragon. She ask me to please see what you all can do to get this unlocked for her.. and hopefully she will have her own email fixed by then.. nutty

    I can look into it, but as it's wiretwister's account . . .I need her to contact me.
    Please ask her to write to support again - I know nothing of any email issue.
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