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Thread: Secret Santa 2019

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    Secret Santa 2019

    Greetings Miramagicians

    Have you done your Secret Santa sack?

    I have

    If you intend to take part please do check you have filled the sack by the end of the 22nd December as the Secret Santa finishes on the 23rd December.

    Your gift sack should be available from the 24th December to the 30th December

    Sometimes people ask me what they should include . . I go for things that would make me smile if I received them . . .

    I'm looking forward to seeing what my Secret Santa has packed for me! Maybe you will get mine . . ?

    Happy gifting
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    Hi, i do not complete Secret Santa sack, please guide me how can i do?... waiting for your response.

    I regret you are too late for this year the elves removed the sacks at the new miraday.

    The Secret Santa is the mountain of presents placed near the daily plaza . . .it will now be covered mostly with snow.

    Next year, click on it and it will guide you through how to do it.
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