I have written a monologue and I have planned a few stories in mind to go around the monologue as a whole. Below is the monologue that I have written and underneath that is the link to my planning of the story/stories.

Have I lost it? Will I ever see it again? Is all this in my mind? Am I dreaming? No I am not! That has just happened. All my creative, beautiful, mindless creations otherwise known as my artwork has been lost in this crazy, emotional, stormy sea. Will I ever see it again? I wonder, will anyone recognise my masterpieces and come looking for me? Everyone I know thinks that I get distracted easily but I am just letting my creative mind take over my lonely life. In other words I do get distracted easily with my creative mind only because of my job which I may say that you have already probably guessed it. I am an artist who is twenty five years old. I say that art is my life’s work because to me art is not a hobby it’s an amazing talent who I must say I learned it off my father who unfortunately got lost at sea just like my artwork has. My father might even recognise my artwork and come back to me after he has been gone for five years. Will he ever come back? Before I start letting my mind start taking over me again I have better introduce myself. My name is Hope-lei and as I have already said I think I am twenty five years old. I also love arts and crafts as you can tell because I am an artist. I don’t really like anything else except for all kinds of things I can draw or do arts and crafts with so maybe I do like everything. Unfortunately I do know which I just try not to think about is that everybody thinks that I am disliked because none of them like arts and crafts in this crazy town that I live in but … they are wrong! I am letting you into a secret which no one else should know. The only people that knows this is me and the other person that my mind is telling me to talk about. This other person does art in their spare time which no one else knows about because everyone thinks she is always working even at night. We both sit by the tall, striped, lovely lighthouse underneath the curtain of night drawing it and landscapes wondering where our life will take us.

“Hello Love,”

Dad is that you talking to me or am I imaging it. I’m going to look around for you because I miss you.

“Yes it’s your dad love,”

Where are you? I’m looking around for you but I can’t find you I can only hear you. Can you come back as I need you to help me?

“You don’t love; you are doing fine by yourself.”

Am … am I really dad, why won’t you come home? If not for me come home because I feel isolated without you and we need your expertise on the development of the new houses they are going to build. They need your designs by tomorrow if they want them done in time.

“I’m not coming back love!”

I do and will believe that you will come back even though you said you won’t

“Trust me love, I’m not coming back.”

Why can’t we be alone together just the two of us in a new place away from people just the two of us.

Silence occurs

Dad? Dad?

Silence occurs again

Where are you? Where have you gone? Oh mind you have got to stop playing tricks on me. You need to because he died when he got lost at sea. My dad isn’t going to come back, the plans for the new houses isn’t real. Thanks very much mind I now feel heartbroken and lost because of you. Mind please your making me remember the past the bad parts of the past. You need to stop because I need to move away from the past and look forward to the future. I need to think about ideas for my next arts and craft project not the past even though today has reminded me of it but I can always redo it all.

This is the link to the story planning https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gL...1Gk-apAv5IahBW

I hope you enjoy reading this and the planning. Any suggestions and feedback are welcomed