Greetings Miramagicians

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It's the start of the miragical time of year: WinterSpell! Snow on the ground, the Advent fairy near the Lottery Booth and the Chrstmas tree in every village!

This year:

There's a very special questie transformation spell

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Representing the Spirits of Christmas past, Christmas present and Christmas yet to come.

Then there's the Secret Santa. I do hope you will join in. Maybe, just maybe I will be your Secret Santa this year - someone will be! You have until 22nd December to fill the Secret Santa sacks . .

The Advent Fairy - new gifts this year - do remember to open the door on each day - only the door to that day is available.

And do check the Sorceror's Corner Shop . . you can now purchase Sapphire - blue eyed baby dragon - her egg!

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And don't forget Schax's Calendar !

*polishes the star at the top of the village Tree*