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Thread: Fairy's as a reward

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    Fairy's as a reward

    So I found out that Fairy's won as a reward in a Dragon race contest are temporarily an the time won will almost all disappear again.
    I can understand this if a fairy is won the moment you have already planted all your field with crop.
    I can not if you win a Fairy and then plant the crop.

    In that case you even are getting punished by the system.
    Let suppose you win a Fairy and have grow reduction for 15 minutes.
    But straight after that you plant a 24 hours crop.
    So the time will be less Because of the Fairy. Lets say it will be 23 hours.
    You are going to look at a video which will reduce your Time with 10%. This will then be 10% of 23 hours. So 6 minutes less then with 24 hours.
    And you are going to downpour your field as well. 9% of your time. an other 5.45 less then with 24 hours.
    So you loose 11.45 minutes because you just won a dragon race right before you planted your field.
    You win a couple of seconds back because of the Fairy.
    Only 1 way to prevent this. You win the Dragon Race start doing something else and 15 minutes later you plant the field. Which then still will be ready later then when you start planting it straight after the Dragon race. But the Fairy is consuming your time from the video and the downpour. Somehow this feels not right.


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    I never keep my field unplanted so it would be near impossible for it to happen to me. I have no idea if what you suggest is true though. The 7 minute fairies you win in the fast race do reduce the time for the 7 minutes they are active but it does apply that reduction to the whole time until the fairy vanishes.

    Hmmm. So you just need to keep your fields planted. Make sure you have applied all the speed ups in advance and then win the race.

    Sounds like a plan!
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    A 15 minute Fairy reduce the grow of your plants with 2 minutes if your plants have a remaining Time of about 10 hours.. Depending how long your plants have to go for ripening. At the start of the 15 minutes it will deduct the percentage giving by the Fairy from the remaining time. At the end of the 15 minutes it will add up the time with the percentage what the Fairy gives you. Its complicate but Dragonholt knows exactly.

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