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Thread: Schax's Advent Calendar 2019

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    Schax's Advent Calendar 2019

    Greetings Miramagicians,

    Schax plans to present you with a very special advent calendar in December; in fact something much more!

    Every day, and for each game world separately, he wants to highlight the creative work of one Miramagician and invite you to visit a portal world well worth seeing. For that, he needs your help.

    We are going to publish these portal worlds along with the game world and the player name here in forum as well as on facebook; also there will be messages in the game, inviting all players to make a journey to the portal world of the day. Even if anonymous player names aren't private data strictly speaking, we want to get your permission to do this.

    Probably you know some beautifully decorated portal worlds by your friends that don't have a tourism magnet placed and therefore can't be found in Schax' catalogue.

    Please suggest any portal worlds that Schax should have a closer look at! The decoration does NOT need to be winter themed; Schax really wants to display the whole range of your awesome creativity with decorations.

    • Deadline for suggestions: 24th Nov 2019
    • If you suggest your own portal worlds, this includes the permission to publish your player name as described above.
    • If you suggest other players' portal worlds, we are going to ask for their permission.
    • Please do NOT post pictures of the portal worlds!
    • Mention the game world (only if it isn't COM Cone bush), the correct player name and also which portal world you want to suggest.
    • You can suggest as many outstanding portal worlds as you want.
    • Important: The portal worlds need to be open to all visitors!

    We are looking forward to Schax' advent calender which will take us to extraordinary places!

    Does that mean that there won't be an in-game advent calendar?
    No, you will find an in-game advent calendar in the winter season as usual. This community event is an addition in order to honour the wonderful art that Miramagicians on all game worlds are creating.
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    Miramagia COM

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    I propose lmoen with her ice-world, very nice

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    Dec 2012
    I suggest The Caretaker's Library, incredibly detailed work.

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    Aug 2014
    I would like to invite Miramagians to visit my my Meadow World.
    ~ Shy

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    I have three suggestions to stop by and visit.
    First one being my own Dragon Town on the Green Island and Second my Library Island, can you find all the pets there?
    Third one being The Bomb's Dream World island with the house, mine, tree and bonus isles. She is ok with this as well but does not use the forums to be able to post such herself. Well worth the visit though, I go there often myself.

    Illusions - all on Cone Bush .com server ♥

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    Jun 2014
    Hello everyone!

    The snowy worlds of balky and Little Lulu are beautiful!

    And if there are still gaps in the calendar, here's a few nominations to choose from:

    octopia worlds:

    The Museum - library
    The Dragon Castle - meadow world
    The Christmas Market - snowy world (most festive!)
    Haunted Ghost Train - ocean world (most spooky!)

    I have it on good authority that these worlds from custodian are also available:

    Port Mira - library
    The Castle - desert world
    Jurassic Park - ocean world

    I suspect there will be something festive in custodian's snowy world too soon


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    If you still need worlds my snowy world will be added to as soon as the festive items are released. I have made a start but as soon as new items are out I will be adding to it
    (Drillbit - Conebush)

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    Come server

    1) SnowLily. : Library, Meadow World, Desert world, Ice world and Oceanic World

    2) EarthAngel : Library, Meadow World, Ice world and Oceanic World

    3) *JackFrost* : Meadow World and Oceanic World

    4) *Stardust* : Library, Meadow World, Desert world and Oceanic World

    5) ScaveBlast : Library

    6) ShadowClaw : Library

    7) *Rinoa* : Library

    That is it so far,


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    Washington state, USA
    Little Lulu has some wonderful worlds

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    Derbyshire, England.
    My own worlds are all decorated although there are some designs that are not displayed right now. If anyone wants me to place a particular deco profile, just ask.

    These are a few of the worlds I have found on my travels with Schlax. There were more but not all had a magnet.

    Arwenna - Library, Meadow, Desert, Ice Worlds.
    Huckleberry - Ice World.
    EarthAngel - Library, Meadow, Ice, Water Worlds.
    Sweetnytmare – Meadow, Desert, Ice, Water Worlds.
    DARK♥LADY -Library.
    Ixchel - Meadow World.
    Distant Glitch - Library, Meadow, Desert, Ice, Water Worlds.
    camogele- Library, Meadow, Desert Worlds.
    Kirwan - Library, Desert Worlds.
    Lins31 - Library, Water Worlds.
    Auralia - Library.
    Soul of the Party Ice World.
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