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Thread: Regularyty Bonus

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    Regularyty Bonus

    I did it again. Missed the regularity bonus because of some kind of a bug after 10 days. Beeing on Line EVERY day ALL the Time and still the game is not beeing able to register it.

    HOW LONG does this bug already exist?
    More inportant HOW LONG is Travian GMBH planning to solve this bug?

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    Send a ticket to support in game and ask them to look into it, if you do not click the welcome screen or refresh the game the bonus is not activated. Here is the iGuide

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    I know about logging in and logging out. But I never come above 10 days.
    Support in game. Where do I find that?

  4. #4 from your personal email account, include your in game name and the issue you are having. There is a link to copy the address from the yellow question mark top right of the game screen.

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