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Thread: Spot the Difference #2

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    Spot the Difference #2

    Greetings Miramagicians

    Here is the second round of this competition:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spot the difference round 2.jpg 
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Size:	65.3 KB 
ID:	7125

    Please post the number of differences you have found and where they are below. Remember, your answer will not show, and will be revealed when the round is closed.

    This round opens at 18:00 BST today, 18th September, and closes end of
    miraday tomorrow, 23:59 BST tomorrow 19th September.

    For the introduction thread please go :

    Important notice:
    By participating in the competition, the participant automatically agrees to further publication of in-game name and game world in the forum and on our social media pages. There is no legal recourse. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
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    LoveQuilts Cone Bush -- Referring to the left picture I find 11 differences:
    --No reef showing in the water -- Nothing on stone in front of the "critter" --Blue crab is reversed --Brown "shell" by crab is bigger --There is space in front of the shark fin --Only 1 raccoon -- Rope to crows nest is different -- An "arm" holding something in front of the bird -- Less grass by the raccoon --smoke from tower fire is taller --head of green snake or lizard is in a different place

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    1)left top has 3 whole purple flowers the right has 2 1/2 purple flowers
    2)left side is missing what looks like a brown leaf by the purple flower that the right has by the 1/2 flower
    3)left is missing a raccoon has 1 right has 2 raccoons
    4)left is missing a clump of greenery grass right has 2 clumps
    5)left the raccoon is against the post the right is off to the side
    6)right side has a gem in the post left can't see if it does-raccoon is leaning on post
    7)left at water by blue crab is missing half the plant that's in the water
    8)right side water by the plant has a dark blue area without waves in it
    9)right side is missing the bird on the stone by the baby dragon
    1 Draco
    cone bush

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spot the difference 2.jpg 
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ID:	7129 Zanzalina Cone Bush

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    this is mirror image n differences are as follow:
    1-the flame near tortoise is shaped differently,its shorter too
    2-leaves near the bottom purple flower are less in number
    3-there are 4 extensions(yellow orange ) from the purple flower
    4-the place of tortoise is closer to bridge,its neck band is not visible
    5-also there are more golden spots on front leg of tortoise
    6-there is extra one animal(black n white in color)near bridge(i don't the name of that animal.sorry)
    7-also the black n white animal is facing away from pole n bridge stone on the pole near black n white animal is missing
    9-there is extra one green bush in front of the animal(white n black in color)
    10-the paper like thing near pink star fish
    11-there is red yellow bird near dino
    12-missing stones in front of dino
    13-facing of octopus is towards the sea
    14-we cannot see face of stork(white n orange in color) and also he is facing in opposite direction
    15 bird near octopus is bit more immersed in water and position is diffrernt too,lbit away from the bridge

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_4.jpg 
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ID:	7131

    Acy.Ru Cone Bush

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    There are 10 differences


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    I don’t know if I managed to insert a picture. I found 16 differences
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	12345.jpg 
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Size:	200.6 KB 
ID:	7134. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	12345.jpg 
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Size:	200.6 KB 
ID:	7134

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    8 differences
    Norma97 (ConeBush)
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spot the difference round 2.jpg 
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Size:	128.2 KB 
ID:	7135

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