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Thread: Spot the Difference #1

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    Spot the Difference #1

    Greetings Miramagicians

    Here is the first round of this competition:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2019-09-11 spot difference 1 riddle.jpg 
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ID:	7088

    Please post the number of differences you have found and where they are below. remember, your answer will not show, and will be revealed when the round is closed.

    This round opens at 18:00 BST today, 11th September, and closes end of
    miraday tomorrow, 23:59 BST tomorrow 12th September.

    For the introduction thread please go :

    Important notice:
    By participating in the competition, the participant automatically agrees to further publication of in-game name and game world in the forum and on our social media pages. There is no legal recourse. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

    PS: please let me know if you need the image in a
    different format . . I'll do what I can
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    #2nd pic is the mirror image of 1st pic ,so very thing is in opposite direction of first pic

    in 2nd image
    #no pink flower on dome
    #single white dove has no white fearther on backside
    #stripes on black dove are not continous
    #position of 1 dove in cluster of 3 doves is different
    #beak of balck dove is different#the golden thing in between the green bushes with red flower and big white flower is not wearing sunglasses
    (i wish pic was more clear,its difficult with this clearity to spot differences))

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    1)At the bottom of the picture are 3 swans. In the left picture, the white swan is swimming towards its two brothers, and on the right from them.
    2)In the left picture is a large white swan with a heart on its back without a fluffy tail, and on the right with a fluffy tail.
    3)In the right figure, the black swan swam closer to the boat, and on the left - further.
    4) On the glass roof above there is a pink flower from the right. On the left he is not.
    5)a stone near the bridge in the shape of a heart, from the left looks towards the swan. From the right of him
    Sorry for my english, translate through google
    vic-shpan Cone Bush

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spot the difference 1.jpg 
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ID:	7089 Zanzalina-Cone Bush

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    I am Halama, live in Old Copsemarket, in Wander Valley and I don't see any difference.

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    with the pictures being reversed every item is different in the way they are facing which includes a lot of items. so to list the differences it would be 1 complete picture

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    Please could you upload the image in a higher resolution next time? I found this very hard because it was difficult to pick out details because of the pixels and I couldn't tell if some things between the pictures were real differences or just poor image quality.


    A swan is flipped
    The heart stone decoration is flipped
    The swan on the left is missing a tail
    There's something glowing on top of the green house on the right
    The black entity in the water has moved

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    For those having difficulty with the resolution try the Facebook picture
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spot the difference 2019.jpg 
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ID:	7094

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    1. Eyes are closed on the dragon by the window on the right
    2. There are flowers on the swan on the right with the heart.
    3. The black swan is farther away from the edge on the right.
    4. There are extra Orange petals next to the Indian Arm on the right.
    5. There is an extra pink flower behind the green hedge with the red flowers above the 2 that look like they are
    on the glass house on the right.
    6. There is an extra lily pad flower in the white starburst flower on the right.
    7. It was very hard to see but the purple flowers by the 3 swans on the right has an extra purple petal that is not
    colored on the one to the left.
    8. The purple tree is missing a small spot on the branch closest to the two bridge seats on the right.
    9. The swan in the water not by the purple flower is facing the wrong direction on the right.

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