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Thread: Flash Player and Miramagia

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    The in game message said there will be more information tomorrow as the client goes live.

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    Thanks, Pam. I was just wondering where Juan found it to be able to play it.

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    I downloaded the client and it workes fine, except for 1 thing. The Jackelope videos don't play.

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    I'd wait until it is live tomorrow and see how it goes.

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    Tang there is a link on the home page but again I think I would wait until tomorrow when more information is provided.

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    Hi there I assume this 'client' is for Windows users..? I've been told so. Is it still true ?

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    I believe so Elena but remember you can still use the browsers for access to the game until flash no longer works.

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    Hi everyone,

    Please be a bit patient and wait for the official 'go' - then most of your questions will be answered anyway.

    Kind regards,

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    Yeah, but still. By december, i'll still have my Gold account (paid 1 year) running, and won't be able to use it. "Someone" (?) will have to transfert it from Mira to another travian game. So, I'm OK about waiting until "official go" and further notice and all, but not being scammed

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    Hi all friends.
    I've just download mira client, and using it at this moment.
    Wonderful, so many thanks!!!!

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