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Thread: Flash Player and Miramagia

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    I share your hope - and see nothing immediate that will change that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odd_Won_Out View Post
    Leithwyn, I just had that problem also, but figured out how to make it work. When that notice (Flash going away in 2020) comes up when you first start Chrome, don't click "Block" - just close it with the X in the right corner. If you've already clicked "Block", then when you open Miramagia you get the page that says Flash is deactivated. In the address bar there's a little symbol of a puzzle piece with red on it - click that. Or, just go to setting and search Flash. Near the top it will say "Block sites from running Flash - recommended" with a slider button to the right. Click that slider and it will change to "Ask first". Then when you are on Miramagia you can click the line that says "Activate or download flash" and you can give permission to activate it.
    It actually says "Turn Off" and not "Block" but I can't edit my original post.

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