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    new support system

    Greetings Miramagicians,

    A short while ago we let you know that we had started switching our current support system to a new one. This is because our current platform will not be available in the near future.Our move to the new platform will be finished by Wednesday, 21st August 2019.

    A short overview over some details:
    You will recall that the former email addresses of our support were deactivated for the period of our move.
    The future system handles all requests via email only.
    From this Wednesday you will be able to contact support for all kind of matters via the former known email address:
    What is going to change?

    1. Your route to support
    - ingame
    The menu will remain as it is but will not end in the contact form but rather will display a text information referring to the email address.
    - from outside the game (homepage/logout page)
    The menu will remain as before and will display the same text information.
    => In all cases, support can only respond to an email request from Wednesday.

    2. Replies from support

    Those will NOT be posted to your mailbox ingame - only to your email inbox! Please keep an eye out on your spam folder as replies might be sorted out as spam.

    3. Identification as owner of the account

    Since we can only reply to messages via your account's email address after the switch to the new system it is absolutely necessary that your account is registered to an email address you can access.
    Requests from other email addresses can not be handled for legal reasons.

    You have a further question? Please feel free to ask support or post below and your questions will be answered as soon as possible

    Best wishes
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