Greetings Miramagicians,

Due to general changes in the internal processes and customer service platforms for all TG games they way support emails are being processed has changed slightly.

If you contact us via one of the known e-mail addresses like support@, admin@, jobs@... you will now receive an automated reply telling you that it is out of service and offering a redirect to a contact form of the German domain.

Instead of following the redirect we recommend you use the link ingame on Cone bush, so you will get the English form and we can process your request in the most direct way.

You can also use the 'Help' link on the homepage and logout page of Cone bush in the dark green section at the bottom - just click through to Contact Support.

The reply from support will be sent to your email address. Please make sure to check your spam folder for it!

From now on, this process replaces the previous e-mail contacts.

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