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Thread: Help with a daily quest puzzle

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    Unhappy Help with a daily quest puzzle

    Hello. I cannot figure out what I am missing in this puzzle. Everything seems to be connected to the right place and not to any places not allowed. Also, I don't see any missed connections--pipes going no where. However, it won't let me start the experiment

    Any ideas or suggestions? I welcome any input!


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    Did you do this at midnight GMT/UTC? Because the solution for this puzzle would become the solution for yesterday. A new puzzle becomes available on the stroke of midnight and you need to close the lab and re-open it to start the new puzzle. If not, then I have no idea.
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    Thank you for that explanation!! I think I did do this at 4pm my time which is when the game turns over to the next day. And, sure enough, when I went back to re-try it, it was gone with a new puzzle. It must have reloaded while I was solving it!!

    I've had it once before where I posted a request for help and it turned out I had mistaken one brass looking item for another brass looking item. Someone was able to point that out. Glad to know that this time I really had solved it!

    Thank you for your answer.


    You are very welcome, Minkey.
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