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Thread: rubies

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    The announcement post stated the transfers were expected to begin yesterday, it is an individual process, not one set amount for each player, factor in that each player's account needs checked for the amount and then that amount transferred, then multiply that by each player that moved on each server. Please be patient and when the rubies are transferred and you have questions then notify support.

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    In one ad: automatic translation on April 1, and then until April 30 to search
    in another ad: in full swing
    write now: started yesterday and manually

    so what promises to believe? and how long to wait and then ask?

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    my rubies have just been transferred.

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    Hooray! and I finally got

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    Good morning ... my rubies have been credited ... thanks.
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    I've got my rubies back! Thank you/
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    Thank you, received my rubies

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    Thank you for my rubies \o/
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    Thank you for my rubies

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    unfortunatelly no rubies
    still waiting

    please contact support so they can look into your situation DH
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