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    I want to thank you for giving us the rubies. I would like to ask with all my heart to please give us the crystals that with so much sacrifice cost us to get, money, hours of work in miramagia pumpkin.
    I do not care if I lose my clothes (I have many rubies clothes and hairstyles, I have rubis seats, I have ruby ​​ornaments) I HAVE TO LOSE THEM, but please give us the crystals that cost us so much to get
    Thanks in advance
    YIHANKARA (Spanish server)

    we would capture our crystals and send it via support where you tell us.

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    Apr 2014
    Totally agree with you, because we have to lose everything, at least the crystals would help us a lot in the game that costs to start over from scratch.
    Thanks for returning the rubies.
    I'm from the Spanish server, world Pumpkin.
    Sorry I put it back because it has not been translated.

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    I agree with you. There are many people who has spent a lot of money in crystals to upgrade their house, and it would be fair to keep these crystals on the german server too, please!

    Thank you for all the support you are giving us!

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    Goodnight. I join the request of my colleagues, it would be very helpful to obtain our crystals.
    Thank you very much for keeping us rubies. Pumpkin will always be in my memory.

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    Thanks for returning the rubies.
    Please also return our crystals that have cost a lot to get them, we deserve that at least.
    Thank you.

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    totally in agreement with my colleagues, the crystals that we have also could give us, apart from that they would be of much help for those of us who are starting in servers with so much competition

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    I support and join the request to consider the possibility of transferring the purchased crystals from the closing server.

    In this case, we are not talking about one or two crystals, but about the whole collection, which for 7 years has been spent a lot of rubies.

    I have 33 of them.

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    Good Morning. I thank Miramagia very much for transferring our rubis to the account of the new world. I wanted to ask them: Those of us who have a contract with the Ruby mine, do they transfer it to us? Thank you.
    Aguamaria Calabaza Spain

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    I have activated the rubies code and I have seen that they have been very generous but that genderlessness is of little use if the rubies are to be spent on a server that is going to close. In my case, I have little to spend because I have been buying everything that I liked over the years. It would be really generous and extraordinary that we transferred these rubies to the new account of the chosen server, in my case it is not even a quarter of what I have spent in my world but it would be very satisfactory to be able to buy the crystals that I already have in Pumpkin and part of everything that I have been buying for 6 years. Please ask me to take this into account and be fair and consistent with those 8000 rubies that so generously want to give us, I want to spend them on the account that I will use from March 31 onwards, in Spanish it does not help me . I already have everything I need and I like it.

    Mar .

    Perdón por las incoherencias que puedan haber en el texto pero es el traductor del google.

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    I really like the detail of the 8,000 rubies but honestly I would like much more to be able to take everything I have in my pumpkin account to the new account of the German server, I would like to keep my ornaments my crystals the clothes that I bought rubies and laboratory furniture. I do not think that for you is a big inconvenience and for the majority of miramagia players that we are moving to the German server it would be a great joy to see that they still think of us

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