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Thread: Guessing Competition Round Two

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    Guessing Competition Round Two

    Greetings Miramagicians

    in Ober-Blauenbruch on Kristallfarn there is a yellow ocean of butterfly sticks!

    Challenge: How many of these gifts were used by the local for the decoration?

    (Hints: Clicking on the picture will take you to the picture in original size!) At the top of the picture not all objects could be picked up by the upper play bar, it is possible that some objects are obscured by buildings or other butterflies. This village has been gifted with waaay more objects than could be placed!)

    Fun question: So many butterflies - we wonder what attracted them to this village. Can you find the butterfly magnet (decoration object)?

    - Write your guess as to the number of butterfly sticks in response to this thread

    - Enter player name and game world

    - Your answer becomes invisible after submission and will be made visible at the end of the round

    - Here you can find all rules and possible winnings:

    Round Two starts at 1pm UK time on the 3rd February and ends at the end of miraday on the 4th February

    Good luck!
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    Guess - 100,000 Fun question - butterfly plant by the dragon upper right corner. Seamist - Conebush

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    I see a butterfly tree top left behind the dragon.

    Just wondering how long it took to set this up ... someone has some patience!

    cone bush

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    I'm guessing about 324,762 sticks of butter(fly).

    Sox Attax

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    Shyrie Cone Bush
    ~ Shy

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    ролекс,Земляная шишка.

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    Arwenna - Cone Bush

    OMG, i'm getting cross-eyed counting those butterflies... so my guess is 258968 and the huge bunch of flowers in place of the village tree is the cause of the influx of butterflies.

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    29,500 Butterfly sticks.

    Moonfairy, COM server.
    Buzz words you need to know: Homemade and Japanese because, if I'm going to get fat, I might as well enjoy it.

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    ~110 000
    Norma97 (ConeBush)

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