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Thread: all servers that will close (ALL UNITED)

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    "the light in the tunnel"

    I fully agree with you dear SnowLily and Siegunda, and also support the idea of ​​a separate chat for Italians, Russian Spaniards and French - these are just 4 additional chat rooms, especially since the edge chats and questions are almost not used.
    *Now there is a process of settling on English and German servers, those who do not expect anything good and are ready to start over .... and they simply cannot find each other, since they register another English-speaking nickname, for example, I have Eriol in Russian and Italian. here I am Ariel Gall and you will not read the same in your language and you will not understand that it is me !!!
    In addition, the problem with the German servers is that there is no connection between them, 1-2-3-4-5 !!! and our people live on everyone and invite their friends there; as a result, we get a small circle of those who have been invited — and all the old friends from the Russian or Italian server no longer communicate with each other, after all!
    Therefore, I would like to offer the German brethren to implement the possibility of moving from server to server with all the "pies and suitcases" - let's at least one server (Fanfarenschilf for example) populate with foreigners and make there edge-Italy, Russia, Spain, etc.
    then at least somehow it will be possible to seeand not to all fall into black melancholy from the loss of hundreds of friends

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    !!!we are determined )))

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    Dear friends,
    I have a question: is it possible to transfer my character named Pont from Russian server to English server? I'll be very grateful for answer.

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    Hello Elena,
    That's what everybody on the closing servers is asking/pleading for, but Miramagia team don't want to do it, they say it's too difficult

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    .Hello to all,

    This game is dying, suffering from an incurable disease, lack of money. Hope gives life, every human being hangs on it. Will the spark happen? ... The deadline is near... The unknown is before us and the memories of the beautiful encounters made in memory.
    On this waiter, there would have been so many beautiful things to accomplish!!! However, an investment has been made and it would be fair for it not to go into nothingness and come back to us without having to beg for what we owe. Great kiss and good luck for new adventures.

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    Good evening, I'm a French player, my question is for devellopeurs directly!
    I understand that it is not possible to transfer our accounts.
    But what I do not understand is the legal difficulty with rubies ???
    Regardless of the country they were either bought or earned, how is it a problem that credited to another server ??

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    As we say, a union does force. At least something in the times to say. There is no game since the beginning of the world Miramagia Pinho world (PT / BR). and end up like this ..........

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    What are the names of people who rush into your house, throw you naked out onto the street, take everything away from you and say that they feel very sorry ?? all that you have earned, achievements, decor, clothes, they just put in their bags, and you go and start from scratch, is it called now painlessly ?? What did they do to make it painless ?? nothing, because this is the easiest way))) and register in English and German server, we can start from scratch without their help, but how do they help ?? in any way, only they repeat all the time that they are sorry ?? I do not believe!!
    and their parties and shortened festivals are just ridicule, because we will not be able to apply this decor anymore, it will die with our accounts in a month ..
    Люблю костер не за огонь,- за тесный круг друзей

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