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Thread: Chrome: Flash workaround September 2018

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    Chrome: Flash workaround September 2018

    Greetings miramagicians

    I have heard from Sebastian:

    As you might know, there is a new version of Chrome (69.0.3497.100) and once more, the use of FlashPlayer has been restricted a bit more.

    New in this version of the browser: by default, it won't save/remember your decision to activate and use Flash on a specific page but it will ask you each and every time to activate/download it. Most likely, this is an annoyance, as it doesn't actually keep you from using it. The idea obviously is to bring it to the users' attention that Flash is questionable.

    So, you can now just keep clicking the 'activate' link each time and it won't hurt at all.

    For those who don't want to confirm this every time they log in to Miramagia, there is a workaround which restores the previous behaviour of the browser so it will remember your decision:

    1) Open a new tab and type into the URL line: chrome://flags
    2) This opens a page with dozens of flag options and a search function on top. Enter there: ephemeral flash
    3) You'll get one result for this search: 'Enable ephemeral flash permissions'. Click the arrow down at the 'default' setting and select 'Disable'.
    4) Click the 'Relaunch now' button at the bottom right in order to make this effective.

    Thank you Sebastian

    A picture of this will be attached as soon as possible. In the meantime, if such would help please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will forward it to you separately.

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    Thank you so much! This is just what I needed. I had to click three extra buttons to enter Miramagia for every server! What a relief there is a fix.
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    Thank you! I have been trying to fix this since it happened with no success. I like Chrome but thought I was going to have to find a new browser. Sebastian, you''re the best!

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    Very useful :-D
    Fix works on Chromium (Linux) + Chromebooks too
    ( Chromium is opensource software that Google use to make Chrome)
    Thanks Lins

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    Unhappy fixing my pixel and pic sliding off my game

    I hope this flash workaround will fix the pixels sliding off my game or picture. I wished I had a way of inserting a picture in here to show you what i am talking about. I don't know what happened to the last post I posted. It just disappeared. I have had this problem before and you guys fixed it and don't know what you all did..I have cleared all my browsers, flash and made sure everything was updated, I even tried other browsers and it was the same pixels or picture is scrambling up like awful and sliding everywhere. I have done everything I was told to do, and then some. I have deleted flash and reinstalled it. I have run scan after scan with no results, I have updated everything...maybe this will work.I hope so, you all have been so called working on my issue for 6-8 months and still I am having the same problem. Thanks and hope you can get this fixed soon.

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    Smile Thanks very much!

    Dragonholt, Let Sebastian know his instructions were right on. I had no problems working through his instructions. I don't think pictures are necessary to get this done. I'm a novice and did it!

    Little Lulu

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    omg thank you so much this really helps well done

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    Dragonholt, KUDOS to Sebastian for curing every Chrome/Flash problem I have had for the last weeks! He is genius!

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    When is the game going to be updated so we don't need to use flash anymore?

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    This fix no longer works. There's no "ephemeral flash" in the flags list now.

    Thank you - this has been passed to the technical wizards for their attention
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