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Thread: Announcement 30 August 2018

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    Announcement 30 August 2018

    Dear Miramagians,

    For many of us, this game has become a second home, and so it's completely natural for you to ask how things will continue in the future. As we'd like to nip any wild speculation in the bud, here is some important information about our plans for the game.

    We, too, love Miramagia and stand by it with our whole heart. At seven years old, our game has already reached an impressive age. For this we thank you, our unique community, above all. Together with you, we want to do everything in our power to ensure our favourite game continues.
    'Page not secure'

    This notice refers to the HTTP protocol used in the game. We are currently working on implementing full SSL encryption in Miramagia.

    The Ruby shop has already been HTTPS-encrypted for some time now, so your payment information is sent in line with current security standards.*
    Flash Player

    We have spent quite a while weighing up various options for porting Miramagia with another technology. Unfortunately, any form of porting will involve major challenges and significant overhaul work that lie beyond our possibilities. Miramagia will therefore continue to depend on the Flash Player.

    According to our current information, this software will no longer receive any further updates after the end of 2020. We gradually expect increasing challenges with this software as browsers continue to develop. We'll give it our best to offer you our helping hand, so that you can continue to play Miramagia without being exposed to any more security risks than the minimum. However, we'd like to point out that we have no direct influence on how browsers will handle this issue in the future.
    Financial future

    At this point, we would like to transparently address the concerns surrounding a potential suspension of the project, which some players have expressed in the past. *Even free-to-play games have to cover their costs; a minimum level of average income is necessary in order for the game to enjoy continued operation. For some time now, the proceeds from your Ruby purchases and advertising in the game have gone in large part to financing fixed expenses, such as server operation and staff costs. Our profit margin is tight, but steady; we do not currently see any immediate risk of being compelled to suspend the game for financial reasons. Although we will make every effort to ensure this remains the case, there is no guarantee for this financial viability in the long term. If the economic situation should change, we will have to reconsider.
    Further development and bug fixing

    In order to cover our costs for as long as possible, we have decided to focus on maintaining the availability of the game, rather than developing new parts in the game.

    For you, this means there will still be events and we will continue to create new content for them. So, nothing will change to the regular running of the game, and we will also continue to entertain you with various entertaining events in the game and forum. But we will no longer offer any new game features.

    Miramagia has already been running for quite a while without any serious errors, and some minor bugs have also been resolved recently. We will decide on whether we are able to fix any future bugs depending on the severity, feasibility and the resources we have available.

    We look forward to continuing to maintain the magic of Miramagia with you all for a long time to come!

    Warm regards,
    Your Miramagia Team

    Have some feedback? Either post it below, or contact me directly, please

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