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Thread: Hide & Seek games

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    Hide & Seek games

    Hello everyone!

    Here's a game everyone can play. Decorate your village, then post on your village noticeboard a list of things people must find. A sort of hide & seek. If you make the message on your noticeboard "public" any visitors to your village will be able to view it and play the game.

    You don't have to offer prizes (maybe a gift to those who find everything), it's just for the fun of searching and getting inspired by other players' decorating.

    So, I'll start with my own village of Little Ottermont in the Valley of Magic. I'll leave the decos out for a couple of weeks to give time for folks to visit. So:

    1. How many passengers are waiting for the train?
    2. When is a sheep not a sheep?
    3. Where is the message in a bottle?
    4. Can you spot the Christmas elf doing some early shopping?

    Have fun!


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    Wonderful idea!

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