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Thread: maze competition round four

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    maze competition round four

    Where did you end up in the previous round?


    Click image for larger version. 

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    And how did you do with the fun question?

    Here are the figures:
    Solution to fun question:
    492x hedge, 4x edge of a hedge, 111x little edge of a hedge; 607 in total . . (oh my!)

    So - here is Round Four . . ready?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Are you ready and prepared?

    In the swimming pool you cooled your feet. Now up and away again!

    At the first crossing, you turn
    right, next you go left and once again, right.

    At turning
    left again, you suddenly stop dead: you nearly burned yourself!

    You pluck up your courage and do a short sprint and turn
    right at the next opportunity to leave the zone of danger.
    Where to go now?

    You decide to follow the path to the
    right and then turn left again and straight ahead at the next crossings.

    You grab your chance to take a detour to the
    left after that because you want to try your luck!

    turn around and go straight ahead three times until you reach the end of the way.

    You’re completely exhausted, so have a seat!

    Describe where you are.

    Fun question: What exactly did you try your luck on?

    Participation rules:
    - Each player may submit one answer. If multiple answers are submitted, only the first will count.
    - Include your player name.
    - Name the game world where we should pay out any potential prizes.
    - Deadline: 15th June 2018, 11:59 pm UTC+1
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    I am taking a balloon ride.

    Fun answer: I tried my luck on a magical sword in a stone.

    Cone Bush (.COM)

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    CuzitsmeChris Cone Bush

    I took my rest at the balloon at the top right and tried to pull the sword from the stone.

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    I reached the balloon sitting atop the portal world gate in the upper right hand corner of the maze.
    The thing I tried my luck on was the Sword in the Stone. Sadly, I'm no King Arthur -- it didn't budge.

    Nacnid of Cone Bush

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    Чемпион МираМагии 2018 ролекс's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    ролекс,Земляная шишка.

    End of the path: Balloon.

    Fun question: What exactly did you try your luck on?

    Tried to pull the sword out of the stone.

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    Земляная шишка


    Following the given path, I went to the balloon

    on the way I saw a sword and tried to get it

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    I end up at the end of a cart track by a very big blue balloon after taking care not to be run over by a cart.

    I tried my luck at removing a magical sword from a stone but it doesn't seem to be my destiny to be King.

    Ambrosius, Owl Canyon, Cone Bush.

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    octopia's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Jurassic Coast, England
    A-ha, I made it out of the maze and am sitting in a bubble balloon. Not sure how I got inside the balloon as there's no door, but magic was probably involved somewhere. Great helium by the way.

    Tried my luck at pulling the sword out of the stone. It was stuck. No problem, I already have a stoneless sword anyway.

    Great fun game, thank you!

    (cone bush)

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    A quick spell and I am dry for the third time in the maze. Relaxed, I say goodbye to the duckling and set off for what I hope is my final time in this maze. I can’t wait to be back with my poor lonely dragon and tend my crops. There was more hedge to the maze then I had predicted, but I must be coming to an end of paths I hadn’t covered. I jump back in fright, barely missing the short burst of flame aimed my way. I close my eyes and call forth courage because in my heart I know danger protects the exit to prevent escaping. I sprint, diving across the pathway just in time to miss another fireball. Hiding behind the next lot of hedges I take deep breaths to try and calm myself from the near miss. So that’s what a wild dragon is like. Once I have stopped shaking I continue onwards. Until I come across it …

    I yank, I pull, I twist the sword in the stone,
    The attempt makes me grunt and groan.

    I push, I tug, I wrench the sword in the stone,
    The attempt hurts my arms and backbone.

    I heave, I lug, I strain the sword in the stone,
    Lo and behold I do it on my own.

    I smile, I wave, I celebrate the sword in my hand,
    The sword is definitely mighty and grand.

    With a reward, a reminder of the maze, I carry on finding my way out. merrily. Is this it? I study the contents of the balloon. It looks like my village, the world tree. I gently touch it, my finger tingles and I jump back experiencing an electric shock. If this is the way out how does it work?

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    Fun question: I tried to pull the sword out of the stone.


    асу. Версаль. Земляная шишка.

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