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Thread: maze competition round three

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    maze competition round three

    Greetings Miramagicians

    As many of you said: that which was being noisy was the donkey - and you fed it carrots!

    Did you end up in the right place?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    so - here is Round Three . . .

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Are you up and awake again?

    Embraced by the sleeping green dragon, you’ve had a perfect rest and now you’re ready to explore more of this maze.

    You start the day by turning
    left at the first crossing.

    After that, you wander the maze by chance and you choose to go
    left, right, left, then straight ahead, once again right and left.

    Will this maze never end? Next, you choose the path
    straight ahead, then you turn right and after that, left.

    Now you go
    straight ahead and at the next junction, you turn left. Your legs are hurting from all this.

    At the next crossing, you follow the path to the
    right and finally, you decide to stay a while and give your poor feet a rest at this perfect place.

    Describe where you are!

    Fun question: Estimate how many hedge objects were used to build this maze. We counted in the normal hedges, the ‘Edge of a hedge’ and ‘Little edge of a hedge’ objects.

    Need to review the instructions? Check them out in the introduction post.

    Participation rules:

    - Each player may submit one answer. If multiple answers are submitted, only the first will count.
    - Include your player name.
    - Name the game world where we should pay out any potential prizes.

    - Deadline: 13th June 2018, 11:59 pm UTC+1
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    I am on the Miro float in the pool, having followed the ducks an ducklings into the cool blue water.

    Fun estimate: 625 Hedge pieces

    Cone Bush (.COM)

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    CuzitsmeChris ConeBush

    I rested at the pool and waited my turn behind the ducks. Estimate 516 hedge objects.

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    Today I'm in queue with a family of ducks to hop in a swimming pool. I call dibs on the red dragon-shaped inner tube!

    As for how many garden objects went into the creation of this maze, my best guess is: a whole lot of them!

    Nacnid of Cone Bush

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    Ixchel - cone bush

    I'm sitting on the bench next to the Westie dog with the fine little coat.

    number of Hedges? too many? 120 is my guestimate. (no way I'm counting all of those)

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    at the pool with the ducks
    around ~600
    Norma97,Cone Bush

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    I arrive at a large swimming pool with a family of ducks queuing politely to use the diving board. I tag on at the end of the line and end up floating peacefully by the rubber ring.

    Ambrosius, Owl Canyon

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    I ended at the swimming pool with the ducklings and Mom
    estimate the hedges at 525
    1 Draco
    Cone Bush

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    octopia's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Jurassic Coast, England
    I made it to the swimming pool, yay!

    612 hedge items amazingly

    (cone bush)

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    Чемпион МираМагии 2018 ролекс's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    ролекс,Земляная шишка

    Resting place: swimming pool

    Fun question: Estimate how many hedge objects were used to build this maze. answer: 568 objects.

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