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Thread: maze competition round three

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    I wake up. Wrapped in the wing, and nice and warmth against the dragon’s belly. I don’t want to leave the comfort but I am anxious to escape the maze. Spending the days traveling, my legs grow tired. In order to occupy my mind I decide to count the hedges in hope it will limit the ache in my legs.

    One, two, three, four five
    Counting hedges, till I arrive
    Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
    Then I stop, at a glen
    Why did you stop at it?
    Because I wanted to rest abit it bit my finger so
    How did your rest go?
    It went as great as Van Gough

    After finishing counting the hedges on my way – over 550 Of them maybe 600, I set off. Following the sound of quacking I spy some ducking, learning to fly by jumping off a diving board into a pool before swimming merrily. Deciding to allow myself to have some fun, I join the queue to jump in, waddling like a penguin as unsure as to how best walk like a duck. The long walk had worn me out so swimming helped to relax my muscles so I stopped, rested and played with the ducklings.

    In response to the partipation rules - AngryHalo from Conebush

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    I'm chilling out in my raft on the water, exhausted after counting about 117 hedge pieces.

    Sox Attax, Cone Bush

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    Fun question: 594 objects

    асу. Версаль. Земляная шишка.

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    Земляная шишка


    Having done the given way, I was in a water pool.

    There are only 594 elements in the maze (about 600)

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    At the finish there is a rectangular pool. On the water floats an inflatable red tire. At the pool there is also a duck family.
    Fun question: 600 (valued)

    Cone Bush

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