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Thread: maze competition round two

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    What fun!

    Well, the noise was a noisy donkey who is now eating his way through a basket of carrots. As for me, well, I've arrived at a resting place occupied by a big green sleeping dragon. I have another carrot in my pocket in case it wakes up. Not sure if dragons eat carrots, but if they don't I shall throw the carrot and leg it!

    (cone bush)

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    Земляная шишка


    On the way, I fed a roaring donkey. Noise was from him.

    Holiday destination:
    Sleeping forest dragon (1 seats)

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    I'll take a rest by the green sleeping dragon - better keep one eye open!

    I dealt with the braying donkey by feeding it carrots.

    Ambrosius, Owl Canyon

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    Where are you going to take a rest today? Sleeping forest dragon ( 1 seats )

    What did you do to end the noise? Feed the roaring donkey with carrots.

    асу. Версаль. Земляная шишка.

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    CuzitsmeChris cone bush

    I ended lower left with the sleeping dragon. I gave the noisy donkey some carrots.

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    At the end of the way I see:
    a sleeping green woodland dragon (with seat).
    On the way I give the screaming donkey the carrots.

    Cone Bush

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    Round Two is now closed.

    Round Three is now open.

    Have fun!
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