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Thread: maze competition round one

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    maze competition round one

    Dear Miramagician,

    Round One:

    A magic experiment took you from your bed unexpectedly!

    You wake up because of some tropic rain falling on your face. (With this hint, find your starting place in the maze!)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Being dry again, you start to explore your surroundings.

    After a few steps you need to take a decision, and you turn

    Next, you go
    straight ahead, and right again, straight ahead once more and finally you turn right.

    Now, your way leads you to the
    left, then you go right and after that, you choose to go straight ahead twice.

    Once again, you face a wall.

    One last time you turn
    left and walk for a while until you reach a point where you decide to take a break.

    Tell us the name of your resting place or describe it in detail.

    Fun question: Who did you meet on your way?

    Participation rules:
    - Each player may submit one answer. If multiple answers are submitted, only the first will count.
    - Include your player name.
    - Name the game world where we should pay out any potential prizes.
    - Deadline: 9th June 2018, 11:59 pm UTC+1
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    Despite only recently drying off from the tropic rain, I decide to make the most of rest place, by not resting immediately. I dip my hand into the water, despite it's green colouring nothing seems amiss. I take a sip, and it quinches my thirst. Drinking more I clambour over the rocks and relax inside this natural looking pool. I swim the short distance to the waterfall and allow myself to relax as the water washes any dirt and leaves from my hair that may have occured from my walk through the maze. Eyeing the orange lizard like creature carefully I lift myself out of the pool and stretch out over the rocks to sunbath and recall my trip.

    What a funny fellow I met in the maze.

    A short red guy
    with a beanstalk for hair.
    Oh I do wonder why.

    With short stubby feet
    and green leaves for arms
    I wonder whoelse I may meet.

    In response to the partipation rules - AngryHalo from Conebush

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    I ended up at a spa-like pool (maybe a hot spring?) where an orange lizard or small dragon lounges on the rocks above a picturesque waterfall.

    Nacnid of Cone Bush

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    CuzitsmeChris Cone Bush

    I started at the raining tree above the sleeping dragon and ended at the lower right corner at the green pond above the floating island and treasure chest.

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    Round one entry - Ambrosius in Owl Canyon

    I arrive at a jungle pool fed by a waterfall. There is a rope ladder providing steps up into the pool, to the left of the ladder is a layered stone pillar. A tawny beast looks down from above the pool.

    On the way I met a creature I didn't recognise, like an onion with sticks in both hands.

    Andrew, Ambrosius in Owl Canyon

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    i stopped at the waterfalls on the right, and passed master emilio on my way - wizaconor, conebush

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    Чемпион МираМагии 2018 ролекс's Avatar
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    ролекс,Земляная шишка

    On the way met the young forest spirit

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    Hello everyone!

    Well, I've arrived at a rock pool with a waterfall. Looks steamy and the water is luminous green.

    I didn't meet anyone on the way. Every time I heard footsteps I hid under the hedge.

    (cone bush)

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    Met a young forest spirit.

    асу. Версаль. Земляная шишка

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    peculiar stone formation+ waterfall object (whose name i can t find, I think its a seasonal item),from what i see its the only waterfall in the picture

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