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Thread: maze competition round one

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    Земляная шишка

    Who did I meet on the way?
    Young forest spirit

    Holiday destination:
    hot spring (2 seats)

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    At the Finish I see:
    a source of green hot water; covered by stones; next to it stands a stone-pillar (peculiar stone formation)
    On the way, I meet a brown being

    Cone Bush

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    I ended up at the wood picnic table with the four stump stools. the little mushroom guy and the crystals.

    *but I know I'm completely lost*

    Ixchel - Cone Bush

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    I stop by a lovely fountain pond with a peculiar stone formation. I looks so peaceful with the little critter resting on the top of the fountain.
    1 Draco
    Cone Bush

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    Round One is now closed: Round Two is now available
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