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29th September 2017, 07:28 AM
Yesterday two of our villagers, Anara24 and Domnu, reported a rather nasty Russian video being shown via the Jackalope. It contains rather graphic scenes of nudity, sex and violence. Anara is in the USA and Domnu in South Africa so its a video being shown globally on Mira. I giggled at first and told them someone is bound to complain so just be patient. However, I also got that video just now and yes, Its hardly a video one would like to see anywhere, never mind Mira. Its all in Russian with Russian cyrrilic script so I can't even tell you what the product is supposed to be. All I know is that it is offensive and next time I see it I'll remember to take down its number. For now, just know that it IS doing the rounds so please try and hunt it down before a younger Mira player gets to see it

29th September 2017, 07:33 AM
Good point Abellio. Younger players should definitely not see it. I'm a crone and it was still disturbing to me.

Eleanor Rigby
29th September 2017, 02:14 PM
I also got this same video yesterday, and am still seeing a number of Russian videos all with the same number (#19428). This has been reported in the "New Place For Reporting Video Problems" thread and I hope they get this fixed soon.

Eleanor Rigby
29th September 2017, 06:13 PM
There are multiple Russian videos appearing with the same number (#19428), including the nasty one. This was reported in the official video problems thread, "New Place for Reporting Video Problems." and I hope they will get these out of the rotation ASAP.

29th September 2017, 06:18 PM
I am having the same issue... I have just gotten it again, it appears to be you tube video redirections from whatever ad is supposed to be shown...
I think we have been hacked and I am nervous now about opening any of them as it could be adding malware to my computer.

29th September 2017, 06:33 PM
I also just reported this to game support...
My concern is this is a hack that will transfer malware... we shall see. Until I hear otherwise, I am not using the jackelope and running a virus scan on my computer systems...

30th September 2017, 05:33 AM
Got another Russian ad today. This one was not the nasty one however and instead featured some kids and their mother (I think)
The thing is.. There was NO number and after awhile it gave the standard YouTube "Skip this ad" message and once I clicked on it an ad number briefly appeared but the Jackalope ticked over and gave me the prize anyway - before I could write the number down.

Which makes me think that this is NOT a Miramagia problem but a YouTube one. It looks like those opportunistic YouTube ads somehow got into one of Mira's legit advertiser videos and instead of playing the advertiser's video, the Jackalope picks the first one in the set which is the YouTube one. Hence the Russian ads being flouted everywhere.

YouTube being YouTube and Google being greedy as always, I do not know how Mira can actually solve this one. Best to sit it out I think. Just a pity that it looks like one can't really hunt the nasty ads down if they run in this manner since complaining to Google/YouTube rarely gets agreeable results.

Here's a screenshot of the "nice" Russian ad... (If it helps any :D )

30th September 2017, 03:53 PM
This has been reported to Dietrich who is investigating. he hopes to have it resolved by Monday. I will post any further information in the other video thread

Eleanor Rigby
30th September 2017, 05:52 PM
By the way, I had Google translate the line in Russian that always appears at the bottom of these videos, and it says something like, "Reproduction will continue after display of advertising." As an interrupting television ad might say.