View Full Version : [FORWARDED]Notice of Changelog of September 2017

20th September 2017, 03:19 AM
I have noticed on the Valley Map a Tree Questi giving just 25 care points to Village Tree have been cut by 50% available for players. It used to be for 30 players now just 15.

This cut is kind of silly. I just wonder what else the developers cut down for players with the last changelog.

20th September 2017, 03:35 PM
Well another cut, we used to have available for Transform 1 Questi giving 3 scratch tickets for 15 players and now just for 10?

I don't like it the developers made those cuts.

20th September 2017, 09:40 PM
I will enquire . . .

It seems that when the Changelog was proof read a line was missed off.

Rebalancing of valley tasks: duration and uses have been reduced to provide a more frequent change of the tasks in the valley.

This was explained to me by Mirella as meaning that by reducing the duration and uses of the valley tasks it means there will be more valley questies available - there will be a faster changeover,

21st September 2017, 01:41 AM
I am sorry but that does not satisfy me as I do not see more often the questies that were cut back in time and we were told they will appear more frequently.

I just feel game is going for harder.

They cut the questi giving 50 rubies for 5 players to just 3 and I do not see them quite often as before. Perhaps they are picked by players before i see them but in the past i had better chance. Now they cut the questi giving scratch tickets I might have slight chances to find one ...

I don't like it.

I prefer the questi stays as they are with less appearance but available for more players. At least I do have a better chance to get one instead same people getting doubles /triples and others nothing.

21st September 2017, 02:28 PM
There's a questie giving 50 rubies? Not in our valley... :D

21st September 2017, 04:36 PM
That what I am trying to say. The cuts of questies on the valley only giving benefits for players who are able to play 24/7 others lost their chance to get anything as they had before a slight chance. Even "if" the questies "appear" more frequently still players who have no chance to play whole day gain nothing just loose more.

So, Yes I am very unhappy with the cuts.

21st September 2017, 08:40 PM
I will make sure that this thread is forwarded Snowlily

24th September 2017, 05:57 PM
Thank you dragonholt. The developers cut down many questies for players and of the cuts many will not be able to see them unless I sit here whole day and hunt them. Sorry I have work others have school not all of us have time. Before we could scoop a care point for village tree even if we were the 16th or 20th player to pick but we still could and was fun. Now what? an empty valley? Not fun at all.

27th January 2018, 09:56 PM
SnowLily, that is why our village moved out of the Valley of Lakes...there are so many villages in that valley that we had no chance of getting any of the quest and if we did we were very lucky..I don't think it was very fair at all..