View Full Version : Is it possible for an entire village to move to a different valley?

Eleanor Rigby
5th August 2017, 08:42 PM
Good day, all!

Because of the unfriendly behavior of some other villages in our valley, my villagers are considering moving together to another valley entirely. I would guess that to do this, I as village leader would need to move first, then everyone else follow along after. But here are some questions we have:
-- Can we keep our village name? (It is a specially-selected name that we paid rubies for a long time ago.)
-- Will our tree level and comps level come with us or do we start over at zero?
-- Will the Big Offers we have in progress come with us or will our participation in them be lost?
-- Will our contributions to our plant merchants come with us or will those be lost?

I wish we did not have to move, but it has become not fun to be in this valley any longer. Thank you for any answers!

5th August 2017, 08:47 PM
Yes you can move valley!
Unfortunately the village name is only for the village you were in when you chose the name - it will not transfer with you
The tree level and comp number depends on the village you pick. You could start over and have a village with a baby tree or you can do your research and find a village with an existing tree and series of comp wins
The BO's are connected to the valley they are generated for . . although each valley depends on the same algorithm the competitions are valley specific
the plant merchant will stay as it is :)

I am sorry to learn that there are unfriendly people in your valley :( that makes me sad. However, if I can help then please let me know.

6th August 2017, 07:50 PM
My advice is stick it out... Especially because it sounds as if you have built a bit of history with your village. Its own unique name and everything. The village tree is very important and will be very sad if you leave.

One gets bad apples everywhere and in my experience they tend to rot soon anyway and what might be a bad experience for you and your villagers now, might turn out to be something more meaningful tomorrow...

When I joined Mira I was the first one in our village. No comp wins on the Trophy tree, and tree level 3, I did consider moving to another village but then thought, its so much better building up something from scratch and growing with it. Anyway, like minded people joined, some stayed, some moved on but a few "founding fathers and mothers stuck it out and we have ourselves built up a bit of a village history even though all of us have been playing less than a year. Our tree is now level 11 and comps in the hundreds.

Yes, we have a few bully villages in our valley too but hey, this is Mira... A grinding of the teeth is soon followed by a smile..

One day soon we also hope to give our village its own unique name and we have no doubt that we will also be counted among the "great" villages of Mira one day. Thats our story and aspirations so far...

It sounds as if you and your village have achieved most of what we newbies aspire to already and it must have taken you some time getting there. Don't leave your village just yet. Its simply not worth handing over all that you've built to a few bullies... Which is exactly what they want.. I bet

7th August 2017, 08:14 PM
As far as I can see, your valley is almost empty. If among those ~20 people who live there you found a few who made you want to escape, imagine how many you will find in a more populated valley.