View Full Version : Is there any advantage to having more than 7 transformations?

10th June 2017, 04:00 AM
I mean other than what the World tree tells me. If so can you please tell me? : )


10th June 2017, 10:28 AM
As you know, if you go to the world tree and click on the fountain, you will get a list of the advantages. Hover over each one and the tooltip will reveal what that entails. They do repeat the information so remember that it actually means a further advantage on top of the previous transformation advantages.


Advantages include:

Your plants will grow 1% quicker.
Your Magic Circle will produce 5% more Mana.
You will obtain 5 Miramitsu seeds.
You will receive a statue of the class and gender you chose before the transformation.
You can change your avatar's class and gender once for free.
You will receive a new magical rank.
A new cape awaits you.
More crystals will grow on your field.
You will be able to purchase the "Wonderful Starter Package" once again.
You will be able to use the spell "Share experience" on an additional plant.
Your building upgrades will be accelerated by 1%.
The amount of Miragic generated from transforming your belongings will increase by 1%.
You will receive 1 more Miragic when harvesting Miramitsu.
Your village will receive 15% more Miragic for a certain time.
The waiting time of your treasure chest by the flower tree reduces by 30 minutes.

Most of these advantages continue to TF25 which is the furthest I can currently see up to. In addition: you may also have the sense of achievement that comes with perseverence and dedication, a renewed vigour that comes with a fresh start, the admiration of your peers and an assured place in the MiraMagian community. Rewards indeed. I hope that answers your question.

Happy magical farming!

11th June 2017, 02:14 AM
Thank you (Moon)! I did see that on the world tree! : ) do you happen to know other rewards like I did notice that in the Valley, Eusebius will offer 20 rubies for 7 special mushroom at TX level 7 but I have never seen less than 7 special mushroom, any other perks?

11th June 2017, 11:48 AM
Ah, indeed. I had not considered the valley questies. The best offers I can remember are a very rare 6 rarities for 20 rubies, The Troubled Pixie offers 2 Lease of Life for 35 festive seeds, The Absent Minded Customs Officer will give 3 tickets for 30,000 gold (?) or 20 for 250,000 (?). These are coming from a very poor memory though so I may be wrong.

I cannot remember at what TF level they appear. Gennysis (TF11) tells me she has heard of a TF15 offer but I have transformed 21 times and I cannot say I've seen it. The higher up you get, the more offers of that level and higher that will appear on your map. They tease at you from out of reach.

Perhaps another can clarify these figures and provide more?

11th June 2017, 06:57 PM
ahhhh (Moon) thank you that is so helpful! yes I have seen some teasers that urged me on! It is so good to know that more and more goodies are available from the valley as we get higher level! : )