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14th May 2017, 07:46 PM
In Miramagia you have many options to make your village beautiful. Many decorations are at your disposal so you can set up your village, your islands and your dreamworld according to your wishes.

With the Decor mode, it is even simpler to set up your decorations.

You can activate it either through the magnifying glass :

Or from the inventory:

Decor Mode

After you have activated the Decor Mode, you have several options:


The left-hand side shows you which option you just selected. By clicking on the small cross, you deactivate the option, or you simply choose another one.

When you click on the cross on the right, you close the Decor Mode.

Let us now turn to the various options available to you:

1. Move: Lets you move placed decorations on the activated decoration area.
2. Rotate: Makes you rotate already set decoration. Non-rotating decoration is dyed red.
3. Layer forward / back: allows you to move decorations to the foreground or background of the active area.
4. Inspect decoration: Use this to select decor objects to display a convenient detail view. If you have placed copies of the inspected object, they are highlighted on the active area.
5. Move to inventory: Lets you collect placed decoration and store it in your inventory. Collected objects end up in the first inventory, unless there are more copies in another compartment.
6. Browse inventory: Browse your inventory for additional decorations that you can place in this area.

1. Move


Once you have selected the Move option, a hand with a corresponding icon will be displayed. Click on the decoration you want to move and you can put it back in any other place.

Areas on which no decorations can be placed are highlighted in red.

Any decoration placed by another player is displayed transparently. If your own item is under the decoration of your fellow villagers, you can only select it.

The selected decoration will be displayed to you to the left of the Decor Mode bar. By clicking on the small cross or the "Esc" key, you finish the move mode and the decoration is back to its original location.

Furthermore, it is possible to rotate the object (if it is rotatable), into the foreground or background, or to put it into the inventory in the decoration mode bar.

Tip: If you clicked on a decoration, you can rotate it directly with the space bar, if it is rotatable.

2. Rotate


With the "Rotate" option, you can bring all rotatable objects to the desired position with one click.

Once this has been selected, you will also see a corresponding symbol on a hand.

Only rotatable decorations are clickable; all others are coloured red.

3 level forward / backward


You can change the display level of an object with the option "Level forward / backward". This allows you to move objects to the foreground or to the background.

As soon as you move the mouse over an object, you will see a colour highlight in this mode, where you can directly see the display level. Blue is the top layer (foreground), followed by turquoise, yellow, orange, and in pink the object is completely moved to the background.

A newly placed decoration is automatically placed on the middle level and is marked yellow.

When you click on an item, the display level and the colour of the decoration will be highlighted.
Use the up arrow key to move the object to the foreground and use the down arrow key to move to the background.

4. Inspect the decoration


With the "Inspect decoration" option, you can display more detailed information about objects on display and can sell them directly, buy, rotate or set up.

It does not matter whether it is your own decoration or the decoration of other players.
When this option is selected a new window opens with more information.


There are several options available, and an orange-labeled button shows you which option to run.

1. Sell: You will be redirected directly to the Sorcerer's Corner Shop, where you have the opportunity to sell the selected object. This is only possible if you already have corresponding items.

2. Buy: You can also use this button to go to the Sorcerer's Corner Shop. This option is only available for everyday items. If, for example, it is a festive decoration and the festival is not active, you will not be able to buy it.

3. Rotate: Use this button to rotate the selected object when it is rotatable.

4. Place: If you have not placed decorations in your inventory, you can place them directly with this button. If there are more items in your inventory, you can place as many items as you want. You can either end the option by clicking on the small cross in your decor mode bar or by pressing the "Esc" key.

5. In Inventory: The number shows you how many you have in inventory of that particular item.

5. Move to Inventory


Once you've checked the "Move to inventory" option, you can move your decorations to the inventory with one click.

Tip: If you want to collect all the decorations out on display, you can collect them in your inventory using the "Collect all" button. There you will also be shown how many objects are currently out on display.

6. Browse inventory


You can open your front garden or furnishing inventory with "Browse inventory".

If you place an item with this option, and there are more of it in your inventory, you can place as many items as you want. You can either end the option by clicking on the small cross in your Decor mode bar or by pressing the "Esc" key.

Decorating in the dream world

For decorating in the dreamworld click on the additional sign in the dreamworld decoration menu



Clicking on the little sign will reveal another, pointing to the mansion:


allowing you to switch between the mansion and the frontgarden inventories.

Or the pennant at the top right of the inventory screen.


The Decor Mode section is represented by the magnifying glass icon in the spellbook section. Therefore the Transformation spells have been moved into the Magical toolbox:


Any questions? please write them in underneath and the Guide will be adapted if necessary.
Happy decorating!!