View Full Version : Do we get to keep the purple robe?

25th January 2017, 05:22 AM
I peeked ahead and see I will get a golden robe next transformation. Do we get to keep the purple robe? I did see a discussion from several years ago but I don't know what the answer is for today. I would love to have a wardrobe of all the colors.
Thank you!:)

25th January 2017, 03:29 PM
Hello Mimi,
yes, you will keep it. Just go to the boutique and use the arrows for the cape to scroll through all versions you got so far :D


Serpent Goddess
25th January 2017, 05:55 PM
Hmmm. interesting. I didn't know this

28th January 2017, 06:31 PM
Thank you Imoen! : )