View Full Version : When can we please start treating all villages/players fairly again?

1st December 2016, 12:52 AM
Some players like doing as many transformations as possible. That's great! I'm happy they've found a bit of the game that excites and entertains them! (truly). The game does not punish them by making them reach level 150 before they can transform. That would be unfair.

Some players like doing as many accomplishments as they can. Again, this is fantastic! The game does not punish them by making them earn 20% more than others before they get their award badge. Why not? Because that would be clearly unfair!

Some players especially love the dragon races. They love competing and we can all be happy they are enjoying the game. Of course, the game doesn't punish them forcing them to rest 2x as much as regular players or do 2x as many flight legs. That would be unfair.


... my little team (like many of you) enjoys doing competitions. We love the comradery, teamwork and sense of accomplishment. It makes this little game we have spent so many years playing a bit more fun. Sadly, we (and many others) are being punished. We now only get a few competitions a day. Other teams get to play in 15, 16, or even more EVERY day, we have now been handicapped and prevented from playing as much as others get to play.

This is so clearly unfair it is self-evident. ALL teams should get the same (FAIR) treatment and same chance to enjoy the game.

When can we expect this to be fixed? When can we expect to have the same level playing ground that the game used to offer?

1st December 2016, 02:02 AM
I don't get what your argument is. Does being fair mean that one village gets to win all the comps and give no chance to others to be able to win any money and grow as well? Cause that's what it seems you're trying to argue. That the win limits on what comps people can enter are prohibiting your village from taking them all still and that's unfair to you. Think about the others who like participating as well but aren't able to grow as much as those villages who never transform and/or use rubies to make sure they win it all. It's no fun for those who aren't given a fair chance to win as well. You don't need to win them all. Fill Big Orders and play the ones you can. Enjoy your village mates and have fun with what you can but do remember that others deserve to have their fun as well.

1st December 2016, 12:14 PM
Well said Illusions. We have a village in our valley who shove thousands of unnecessary crops into the competitions and we don't get enough of a return on our entries. When one of our villagers Transforms, it is necessary to help them by winning a few competitions and we could not. The change made it possible at last to help our own Transformees. Thank you so much Travian Games. You support the free players and the ruby players alike. That is why I will be staying in Mira for as long as it exists.

1st December 2016, 03:29 PM
Dear Illusions and MoonFairy, thank you for your observations, but they don't refer to the problem my neighbor was talking about. Let me try to explain it in more detail. First, I have nothing against special HR comps assigned to winning categories with under 3/10/35/60 wins, but they shouldn't affect the winning chances of top villages. The system implemented now generates equal number of HR comps for every valley, but then this total number is distributed among all winning categories represented in the valley. So, the more populated is the valley, the less HR comps are accessible for the category with over 60 wins. And if a valley is nearly empty and dead the top village (which is always in the category with over 60 wins) gets nearly all the HR comps for themselves. I have studied the situation with HR comps in different valleys for three months by now, and I have seen 18 HR comps per day accessible for a top village in a nearly empty valley, and my own village was getting only 12 HR comps, seldom 13. And that every day, for weeks, for months, and even for years already!
As I said, I have nothing against HR comps assigned to lower winning categories, moreover I would support increase of their number. But these HR comps should be added to a set number of HR comps open for everyone, and not withdrawn from it. Otherwise the world ranking list (village rankings / competitions) is made a complete fake, as the villages listed in the top of it haven't had the equal chances. Btw, if you have a look at the highest ranked villages on that list you will see that they are situated in nearly empty valleys, and this fact gives them a serious advantage. Do you think it is fair?

1st December 2016, 11:52 PM
I don't get what your argument is.

If you can't understand, then it's probably best not to reply.

Does being fair mean that one village gets to win all the comps and give no chance to others to be able to win any money and grow as well? Cause that's what it seems you're trying to argue.

Where exactly did I say give no body else a chance? How about we stick to what I actually said huh?

When someone wins the # of flowers per month award, does the game then count each flower donation as only 1/3 from then on?

When someone wins a decoration contest does the game cut their decorations and land in half?

Of course not, that would be UNFAIR.