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14th September 2016, 08:54 PM
Greetings Miramagicians

The latest update introduced some changes to the frequency of the valley questies - which look quite exciting!

It will take some time to adjust and see the changes take effect; for quite a time now there have been rumblings and wishes expressed to change things in the valley . . and the update provides a detailed response to it.

Here is an excerpt from an email I received regarding these changes:

'we expect more diversity on the valley map with quests changing more frequently in the

While Eusebius and the crystal treasure will in fact disappear after just
one trade involving rubies, both will now show up much more frequently.
These changes should balance out so that the chances to solve one of these
coveted quests should stay roughly the same for most players and even
increase in some cases.'

So - welcome to the feedback thread . . and don't forget Harald the herald in your village!

26th September 2016, 03:22 AM
Honestly speaking, I don't like it. I see plenty of Eusebius trading rubies for special mushrooms, which no one is claiming now nor did in the past in our valley. 50 rubies from crystal used to be for 5 players now just 1 can claim, which makes me now wonder how often that questi appears since the update I was the "lucky" just one to get the 50 rubies, before other 4 players could collect but not anymore.

I have noticed just one benefit for more players collecting questies. 300 or 275 care points for tree (if I am correct) used to be just for 15 players now it is for 20 "Yay".

Since the update I had no chance to see for how many players and for how long Eusebius is trading 400 k mana. He used to ask for 5 special mushrooms before now I am just waiting to see if that stays same or devs changed to just 1 player.

26th September 2016, 10:47 PM
I have only seen Eusebius trading for 12 mushrooms for the rubies. not any lower amounts, like I used to see. I like trading the lower amounts a lot! I have seen Eusebius trade for mana only once since the update.

I do LOVE the more frequent tree care points!!! it is terrific!

I have not seen the crystal selling anything but dyes, and a while ago selling the special plants. She sells rubies? seriously? LOL j/k I did get the 50 rubies one time since I stqrted playing. : )

Wish the good things would just come more frequently, period. I mean without letting only one person in the valley get it.

: ) Mimi

28th September 2016, 02:53 PM
I did want to add on one more thing I have noticed, I don't know if this is the place, but it does coincide with the timing of the valley update: Now it takes forever for anything to open ie: portal worlds, competition man, lab, anything you need to click on to do something or get somewhere it takes so so long now for that to happen, where before this change or update it was nearly instantaneous for me.

28th September 2016, 03:56 PM
Hello everyone! :)

Part of the fun with finding good traders in the valley map is the chance to share the good news with friends on the Valley Chat. In the Valley of Magic we do this all the time. Having just one chance for some of the most prized traders (50 mana for 50 rubies, unique mushrooms for rubies, etc) reduces this great opportunity to work together as a friendly valley, regardless of whether these traders appear more often.

My view is that the game developers should encourage any aspect of play which promotes friendly chat and shared benefits. Unfortunately, the latest changes have the opposite effect by rewarding only one player at a time who just happens to be lucky to wander the valley map at the right moment.


5th October 2016, 03:47 AM
Honestly speaking how do we know if the crystal with 50 rubies shows more often? I don't. If it was rarely before I still had chance to see it as a 3rd or 5th player to collect. Now just one player, a big pffff.

Finally I saw Eusebius few days ago trading 400 k mana for 5 special mushrooms and lucky, still for 5 players. I am glad that that did not changed.

5th October 2016, 05:52 PM
I agree with the others that the changes have not been a good thing. The anticipation of entering the valley in search of the elusive trader and sharing the news with others..gone. The opportunity to work together..gone. Please...turn back the changes.

5th October 2016, 05:56 PM
The offerings of 1 of something are simply rude. It makes for conflict in me. I like to trade in the valley. However, I know some of my friends in the valley are not buying rubies. They really need to be able to trade and get some on occasion. Therefore, I feel guilty for contemplating a ruby trade.

Before, I would see the ruby trader every couple of days, but there would be 5 or more offers. Now I see him every few days with 1 offer.

Also the ticket agent. Really, how was that an improvement?

26th October 2016, 05:59 PM
I have not seen any creature with one offer since this thread began. Therefore I am assuming I am missing out even more than before this change took place.
'''While Eusebius and the Crystal Treasure will in fact disappear after just
one trade involving rubies, both will now show up much more frequently.''':(

27th October 2016, 10:52 AM
I have just heard a whisper as Ember flew over - the trades are 3 times not once it seems . . I will be checking this out . . .

27th October 2016, 01:15 PM
dragonhold, the developers changed Eusebius trading 50 rubies for 50 mana. It used to be for 5 players, now just for one.

Now, even if he appears more frequently only one player will be able to collect, the one who have tons of time sitting and watching valley constantly. Before, others were able to rarely exchange 50 mana for 50 rubies as 2nd 3rd 4th or even 5th. Not anymore sadly.

I hope the developers will change back the trade so at least other players have a chance to put smile on their face saying "yay what a good day"

27th October 2016, 10:53 PM
Today I took this screenshot of Eusebius in Nipper Valley. As you may notice this trader won't disappear right after one transaction.


28th October 2016, 01:22 PM
Imoen, I noticed that after the updates the Crystal questi used to give 50 rubies for 50 mana for 5 players now only it gives for 1 player.

The Crystla was rare before the update but still 5 players were able to see it and collects. Now, apparently the questies supposed to appear more frequently but how do we know if the crystal exchanging 50 rubies for 50 mana appears more often when only 1 player can collect? A month ago was the "lucky one" who claimed the 50 rubies, I felt happy and sad on the same time as others have no chance to collect it.

If I mention Eusebius, sorry my bad.

3rd November 2016, 06:04 AM
I haven't seen a 50 mana for 50 rubies questie for ages now - a good change ? When that questie appeared in the past for 5 users it disappeared really quickly even then, I really don't believe that this particular questie appears more often (but hey, maybe crystals in general appear more often so you have a chance to win those zodiac signs more often - happy now ? ).

But my real complaint is the frequency of mana trading Eusebius - I think his ruby trading twin pushed him in the ditch in the last update. I mean me and my buddy live separate valleys which used to have frequent visits from Eusebius (both mana and rubies) but now just rubies for a cpl of weeks in both valleys. No notable changes in playerbase in either valley so even if many people were transforming in the same time in the past it didn't really make the mana questie disappear that quick as it now does. But as I said I suspect something was changed to make the ruby questie appear more often. And as it seems to happen with "random" factor in games like this it just "randomly" makes one option to appear all the time and others disappear.

I'm not happy really anymore, the only thing that has kept me going in here has been the feeling that I'm moving forward even if it really is toward another transformation. Now I feel like someone else is using brakes. It's not Mira's fault but this is another game just lately where this is happening, it really gives me the feeling that I need to "move forward" from both games. Too bad Travian co doesn't have a new game option on offer (and btw I still really hate them for killing Travians/Travianer).

Ok, I log off and try cool down a bit.

PS. And I really really hate how this forum logs you off while you're writing a longer post.

Ok, now I log off (myself).