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7th September 2016, 08:24 PM
Greetings Miramagicians

I am delighted to present the entries for the creative writing competition.

This stage is your turn, dear readers, to read the entries - simply numbered and anonymous - and if you feel inclined, to make some appreciative comment. There is also the opportunity to use the poll - please do bear in mind though, that the judges decision is final! This decision will be announced a week after the entries have been made available.

In the event of any concern regarding the entries please contact admin@miramagia.com in the first instance.

Enjoy, dear readers!

7th September 2016, 08:25 PM
Entry One

15 August late at night, i decided to go for a walk!
The night was warm & quiet. My steps led me to the World Tree!I just wanted to enjoy the calmness and the breeze of the moment.
Suddenly, between rustling, i heard speeches. I hesitated!
Mages, Shaman, Sorceress and Druidess have sneak in to the world tree's trunk. Aground to the table, saying how much tired they were by cropping plants, building, learning spell's, discovering maps, decorating, raising dragons up and how busy they are every day, they thought to taka a break by creating a world with game's ,where all of us can have fun and leave for a while, the plants, the city, the spells, waitting the time to discover new decorations, new magical spells and challenge us to manage new elemental beings.
They all agreed. They stood up to the Magical Transformation Flower combinning their four different sticks, whispering the magic words, became the new transformation.
WOW!Spells, colours, light's, jump up from the flower and finally a woman was standing in front of them!
They gave her brightly features and asked to her to tour us to a gamefull and amusement world.
She open her portals and invite all the Miramagian's to show their skill, to win unique gifts and the satisfaction of discovery the new words.
Unfortunately this magic won't last for long.
Portals are going to close and Fareeja will dissapeared. However i know that very soon we will welcome new challenges, to shake happily our weekday of Miramagia!!!

7th September 2016, 08:26 PM
Entry Two


Fareeja was happily playing her favourite game. She wished it would run a little quicker but her computer was a dinosaur. School had been so boring today and she just needed to be herself, Fareeja the Druid, a TF22 from Greater Wishing in the Valley of Wanderers. Her mother called up the stairs: ‘Fareeja, do your homework! No games until it is done.’
Fareeja face-planted the desk trying to resign herself to her mother’s wishes. She did not notice the tiny jewel fall from one of her hijab pins and disappear into the keyboard. The pins had been a gift from her Grandfather, a noteworthy conjuror. He had always amazed her with his impossible magic tricks up until his mysterious disappearance the night after he had presented her with the pins on her 16th Birthday. Lifting her head up, she stared for a moment at the screen imaging him standing there beside a mossy stone house planting his garden with wondrous specimens.
She pulled herself back to reality and opened her notebook to read the task for English Literature. Write a short story about moving to a new place. Her computer sang to her with the sounds of a trickling brook and birds chirruping. MiraMagia was the one place she would want to move to, how joyful it would be to live amongst her dreams and the friends she had made there. ‘I wish I could live in MiraMagia and learn magic at the Mage Academy.’ She whispered to herself wistfully.
The bright blue head of the games’ Djinni pulsed and a bright flash lit up her computer keyboard blinding her momentarily. Too late, she covered her eyes with her hijab. As fast as it came, it was gone and she uncovered her eyes to a strange sight. She was surrounded by a nebula of colours and a cluster of floating islands. Confusion froze her stock still. She must have pitched forward into the computer screen. Trying to back away from her desk she realised there was no desk, no computer screen, no… nothing! She was here! Looking around her she knew exactly where she was; MiraMagia in all its delightful splendour! What a wondrous first sight to behold of her favourite haunt. Five years she had played this game but she had had no idea that it was a real place. Her mind rampaged through thought after thought until one in particular struck a chord with her. Could it be possible? Did magic really exist too? As if to answer her question, a curled vine rose up before her and floated into her hand sending tingles throughout her body as though it were melding with her very being. In that moment she ceased to be the shy girl who always followed others and became a conduit for all the possibilities life in a magical world could offer. She became Fareeja, The World Wanderer.

7th September 2016, 08:27 PM
Entry Three

Fareeja is a free spirit who considers all the universe her home, even if she hasn’t been to many places. She tries to keep a low profile by wearing her cloak with the plain side facing out. Being that she hasn’t been everywhere, she does find herself getting lost occasionally.

She stops to ask for assistance but people just stare, mouth agape, at this unusual stranger. Many people have grown accustomed to their village and valley mates, and valley neighbors, but a stranger is a rare thing indeed!

During her last wandering, she joyfully got lost in Miramagia.
She never finds reason to get scared or upset since much of life is just a new experience. New experiences thrill her and keep the smile shining brightly on her face.

Her warm smile, unusual attire, and magnificent accoutrements have drawn us to her aide. We wonder how she lives, what she has seen, where she will visit, and how we can help.

She has recently gone to exploring the caves under Miramagia. A door can be found in each village where generous people wanting to help her, have built doors to the cave passageways. She finds all sorts of items that people of the past and present have managed to lose down rodent holes, cracks in the ground, and waterways.

Fareeja finds these items very interesting but has no need to keep them for herself and would like to help these items find their way to new owners via her roving home that doubles as her shop.

7th September 2016, 08:28 PM
Entry Four

There stands the overseer looking at our world from the floating island. Her mission is almost complete. Fareeja, her companion, has guided us to bring the four elements to our world where they can live safely. The portals have closed behind them forever. They seem to be very friendly and we will watch over them to keep our world in balance with all the elements. The elements arrived one at a time. Sila the air element looks like a fluffy cloud. Barra the fire element looks like a rock with firey hair. Garrak the earth element has a tree sprouting out of his top. Lira the water element floats in the air with rain falling from beneath her. The crops will be grand this year!

Our world and its valleys are reserved for the people of this world. The elements provide and nurture our world, but they need a home of their own to remain with us in peace and harmony. I have thought long and hard in contemplation under the world tree. Where will they thrive the best here with us? They do need a place of their own, but where? Then it came to me! I looked to the portal islands and discovered there is room for them to have a portal world all of their own! How wonderful it would be to decorate their world with the beautiful items they brought to us when they arrived. It would be their home away from home.

It will require much help from the creators to bring this new portal island to our world, but what better a place could there be for them? For now they can live in our mansions when not exploring this world. For now they can follow us around in marvelous adventures discovering our world. And hopefully there will be a new island portal world for them to relax in when not traveling among us in the near future.

7th September 2016, 08:29 PM
Entry Five

Fareeja was a young girl in grade school. In an unfortunate situation, she lost her parents and went to stay with her Grandma. Grandma was a kind lady, but very eccentric. She had an old house at the end of the street in a now modern neighborhood. Many times the developers have pleaded her to sell her plot, but she never even considered. The rest of the neighborhood was frightened of her. She never left her land and had everything she wanted delivered. They only knew of Fareeja because they would see her walk to and from school everyday.

On this day Fareeja had seen the television on her way home from school about all the war, poverty and discontentment of the people. She was very sad and cried as she tried to explain to Grandma. It didn't take much for Grandma to want to fix things, but this was going to be a lot of work. The next morning she went out to the street to pick the unique mushrooms she knew grew on the trees. The neighbors stared out their windows in fear as the hooded lady passed by their houses picking these odd things with her bare hands that they were taught not to ever touch.

That night the neighbors gathered as they heard strange noises coming from this house. Grandma had set her Magick circle and placed Fareeja in a bubble as she began her ritual to summon the Elementals for harmony. As they began appearing, their visions could be seen above the house. The neighbors went into a panic, and in their frenzy decided to burn the house down.

With the house in flames, Grandma handed Fareeja her most precious Magickal instruments and turned the bubble into crystal. The Elementals joined in and sent Fareeja into the Ether for protection. Sadly Grandma perished and the Elementals were consumed.

It wasn't long and Fareeja felt herself screeching through a portal. She fainted as the crystal bubble rattled loudly and began to break apart. Soon she awoke next to the largest tree she'd ever seen. She stood up, and as she stretched she heard the tree whisper for her to come closer, even inside. The tree had welcomed her to stay and showed her the events which brought her to Mira. She was very saddened, but knew what she had to do. Both she and the tree worked together to reclaim the Elementals. She went to all the Villages for help.

Thaks to all the Miramagicians, the tree was able to gather enough Miragic to bring the Elementals to safety, and with each Transormation the tree gets stronger. To this day, you can still find crystal shards in your village with amazing powers, but only Grandma knows the ritual. Fareeja has comfort now because she can see Grandmas spirit. We only need to reunite her with Fareeja, and help her manifest for amazing Peace and Abundance throughout the Valleys.

7th September 2016, 08:30 PM
Entry Six

The Rainbow Warrior was in search of a new world, she had known to be a warrior, she needed to complete some quests, so she could return to her family in glory.
So here she was in a Foreign land. "Wow, this is bizarre" she exclaimed. As she walked through the city.
"Excuse me... I need some help..." an elderly man asked.
"Of course, I am the Rainbow Warrior" she declared loudly.
"Oh... I haven't heard of you" He asked frowning at her.
"Welll... Erm... This is my first day" She replied dejectedly.
"Oh dear, don't be upset, we all have to start somewhere, dear" He smiled at her encouragingly. "I wasn't always a Sorcerer"
"Wow, you are a sorcerer???" She asked excitedly.
"Of course." The Sorcerer boomed proudly puffing out his chest. "And that brings us to why I need a Warrior, to help me in my task"
"Well that would be me " she replied trying to sound confident but The Sorcerer could hear the nervousness in her voice.
"I'm sure you are, just outside the city, across river, there's a ghoul, that has been sneaking into my shop, stealing potion ingredients"
"A... ghoul?" She replied timidly.
"Yes they usually come at night"
"Okay" she replied, so there she was, in the dead of night hiding in the corner of the Sorcerer's Shop.
She could feel herself drifting off to sleep, it had been so long since she had slept.... Just then she heard a loud crack, she could see the scurrying creature. She watched and composed herself, and switched on the light.
"Freeze!!! Thief!!! Tell me why you stealing potions ingredients!!!" In what she hoped was a confident voice.
What happened next surprised her, the Ghoul turned and started to cry.
"Oh what's wrong?" She asked briefly forgetting what was happening.
The ghoul slowly approached her and whispered "I wish I didn't have to steal, but I do."
"Why? I don't think anyone needs to steal" She said forcibly.
"I was cursed, by a witch, I wasn't always a Ghoul" he whispered.
She looked at him in shock, "I'm sure The Sorcerer will help you."
"You think?"
"All you had to was to ask" The Sorcerer announced as he appeared in the middle of the room.
After an hour The Sorcerer had brewed up a potion and gently poured it down the Ghouls throat.
There was a rumble and a flash, and a handsome young man appeared. "Oh my God !!! Thank you thank you so much."
"Don't thank me" she said, "Thank The Sorcerer."
"Nonsense!!!" The Sorcerer boomed, you found the perpetrator, and then you used your initiative, and found out that he wasn't a beast but a man in need of help, you showed you are every inch a Warrior today.”
She smiled happily and hugged the Sorcerer and the former ghoul.
"And this is only the start of your many adventures" The Sorcerer told her with a knowing smile.
"I hope so" She said happily.

Serpent Goddess
15th September 2016, 02:34 AM
Can I comment here?
I thought this story very good. It was my favorite besides my own of course.
Aside of implementing other aspects of the game such as the Djinn, and adding unique touches such as the jewel from the hijab pin, Grandfather and his importance as a Magickal practitioner, dates, etc... I was mysteriously drawn in. The 500 word limit left you hanging as it did me, but you are quite talented. I hope to see more from you in the future, both inside Mira, and I hope you wander out...

Best of luck my friend, my blessings go with you. Keep writing !!

Serpent Goddess

16th September 2016, 09:05 PM
The players have voted - and the Poll is closed. Now to collate the responses from the Judging panel and combine the results to declare the winners . .

watch this space folks it will be soon . . .

22nd September 2016, 11:26 PM
First, apologies for the delay in posting the results - one of the judges I had asked was unable to fulfil their task due to family issues in reallife. Rather than wait for them to be available I have decided to go with two judges this time.

I will post the judges comments for each entry; and a total. This total will be added to the votes and thus a winner created.

Entry One: sarlin
Judge One: Too short, not focused, needs proofreading, vague concept
Judge Two: Love the way all classes of avatar were combined to create Fareeja's puzzle; reflecting the elementals. Sentence variety limited; and a limited range of punctuation kept the piece a little stilted. However, a brave attempt; and commended.

6/12 + 1 vote from Poll = Total 7

Entry Two: Chocolatmoon
Judge One: Short, concept is good but not clearly connected to Fareeja's activities in MM, too crowded with idea jumps
Judge two: Some really lovely touches - an assured vision. Love the detail of the hijab pin, and the use of adjectives to brighten up the sentences. Possibly a fault of the 500 word limit, but the story felt rushed in places.

9/12 + 2 votes = Total 11

Entry Three: Dukes
Judge One: Brief background for Fareeja is good but gets lost towards the end
Judge Two: I love the touch about her cloak concealing colour and herself! Paragraphs used to good effect. Not quite sure where the last idea was going - perhaps something to do with Evil's lost property box maybe?

8/12 + 6 votes = Total 14

Entry Four:Little Lulu
Judge One:Brief background, wishful thinking for future (sounds like wishlist but I'd agree), would do better with more filling out

Judge Two: Cheeky! using the story as a way to request an additional portal island! Good idea though. I love the direct references to the elementals, and nice use of rhetorical questions

10/12 + 3 Votes = Total 13

Entry Five: Serpent Goddess
Judge One: Good reading, if a little sad. Appropriate length, very interesting storyline. Hoping for grandma's spirit to come to MM
Judge Two: Wow - a complex idea; love the links to the crystals ingame and the idea of a sentience at World Tree and pool. Sacrifice is quite a theme here. Some fluency problems but they do not hamper understanding.

11/12 + 9 Votes = Total 20

Entry Six: Punkpoet
Judge One: Good story but unable to connect to World Wanderer concept. More focus on the event would have made the story more interesting.
Judge Two: Sounds like the beginnings of a sequence of fairytales! Slightly generic rather than mira-specific. Good control of dialogue; like how much of the story is executed via dialogue.

8/12 + 4 votes: Total: 12

Well done all those who entered and thank you to the Judges