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11th August 2016, 05:22 PM
Greetings Miramagicians

'The elements are in turmoil! Violent storms roam the valleys, tides seem out of control, the earth shakes with a terrible roar and flames rise higher than ever.

Villagers report a strangely dressed visitor who is looking for the wisest Miramagician.

There's an almost electric feeling spreading over Miramagia ...'

Something is out of balance, wrong . . .

The elements - earth, air, fire and water need to be balanced . . .and we need someone to do this . . .

Welcome to Mira Fareeja the Farstrider!


Her mission: to summon powerful elemental beings from other dimensions, to appease the elemental spirits of our world and to restore the balance!


You can find Fareeja in your village between the Lottery Booth and the Wheel of Fortune.

Click on her, and discover how to weave runes in a spell scroll, to create the appropriate incantation and thus help Fareeja with her mission.

For completing the incantations, she will reward you with unique artifacts.

Despite all her work, the balance is not yet restored, not yet. The invocation requires time as an essential ingredient. Time is needed between summoning, time to recharge, recover and prepare.

When the invocation is complete, and the elemental beings enter Miramagia, you'll find many great new garden items, spells and equipment for your dream home, each matching the invoked element.

Also each completed section brings an elemental companion and their accompanying lair into the game.


So - how to play?

Click to create the first portal to "summon" the first magic formula.


You will see 5 coloured runes available for use - all you have to do is arrange them in the correct order. Simply drag the runes into the appropriate spaces in the spell scroll on the right.

Please note: in 2017 there will be 6 coloured runes to select from during the last two runs!

A colour can be set only once per test.

If you have placed 4 Runes of your choice, click the Complete button and your test is checked.


The circle symbol to the left of the tests gives you hints as to the correct selection and arrangement of the runes:
• Green - correctly placed Rune
• yellow - Correct Rune, but misplaced.
By hovering, you can read more information.

The experiment was not correct? Then just try it again.

It is most likely you will need several tries to find the right formula.

You can also delete any time; press"Reset" and thus create a new puzzle!

The Jackalope

Help is available from the Jackalope. Watch a video and he will place a Rune for you in the correct place.

Still stuck? simply wait for the Jackalope - after a short waiting time he will be able to assist you again..

It works?

You have found the right magic formula? Fantastic!

Now is the time to let the solution settle before moving on to the next puzzle.


20th August 2017, 04:01 PM
Fareeja has returned!

The balance between the worlds is out of whack; it's the job of the world wanderer to unlock the portals with our help.

Fareeja's bag contains a whole host of oddities; Emma and Eveline accepted them in their range of goods straight away – and Emilio has become inspired by the latest modern creations: now is the perfect time to check out the city's shops!

Visit Fareeja for yourself: you'll find her in the village between the Wheel of Fortune and the Lottery Booth.

She needs your support with the necessary formulas. Take part in a mysterious mini-game and you'll surely succeed in placing the right precious stones in the appropriate portal slots to increase her magical powers. As soon as a portal is restored, we'll wait until Fareeja's magic opens the passage, making way for a special creature...

During this time, you can already prepare yourself for the next portal and practice placing the precious stones in the right slots. Fareeja will reward each successful attempt with a little gift.

Altogether, four portals have to be strengthened and opened one after the other!

If you miss a time window, you can also unlock the portal using Ruby magic.

We hope you enjoy the world wanderer event!

20th August 2017, 04:07 PM
If you click on Fareeja, you will see 4 gates. In every stage only one gate will be open.

You will gain a reward once all 8 runs are accomplished. This is new this year! You may continue to play the mini game every hour and not wait for the next courier to be unlocked.

If all 4 gates are unlocked (all 8 runs for every gate accomplished), you will get a special dancefloor “Far Fareeja's summoning circle”.

If you don't unlock a gate in the 4 days provided then you will have the opportunity to unlock the gate with rubies. The amount of rubies depends on the number of runs completed.

29th April 2020, 09:53 PM
Through the portals our companions came one by one.
The first to arrive was Lira followed by Barra, Garrak and finally, Sila.
Their homes are the Wind wheel, Forge, Garden and Bell.

Sila's Wind wheel – 20 rubies
Barra's forge – 20 rubies
Garrak's Garden – 20 rubies
Lira's Bell – 20 rubies

The second set of companions came in the following year. The first to arrive was Sparkles, followed Aurora, Amadeus and Artemisia.

Dripping shelter (Amadeus) - 25 rubies
Wooden cage (Artemisia) - 25 rubies
Small canopy bed (Aurora) – 25 rubies
Hollowed-out tree trunk (Sparkles) - 25 rubies

17th May 2021, 12:53 PM