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1st June 2016, 10:48 PM
In March 2012 a young druidess started her adventure to strengthen the World Tree on a German Server. Between her 4th and 5th transformation in February 2016 - yes almost exactly four years later - she discovered the world of COM and ventured out to explore it and its great community and of course to help its World Tree to become stronger to release the long awaited raspberries ;)

I am 36 years young, mother to a teenage boy and a silly cat. I love first of all Miramagia and video games in general. You never can tell if a game lying around is mine or my son's *giggles*

What else? I was trained as a child caring nurse (in educational field) and as a metal cutting mechanic. Now I am a housewife that loves to spin beautiful yarns and craft them to something useful, cooks and bakes and all that with love.