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Aliya Silver
19th May 2016, 09:29 AM
I think it's a good idea to explain a basic thing :)

Generally, growth impulse and jackalope videos are but two categories of the same thing. If you click the jackalope (in the villge, in the city or via one of the redirecting items in dreamworld or portal worlds) and if the the requirements for a growth video are fulfilled, then the video that is played will give you a growth impulse. If there's no possibility for a gowth impulse, then the video will give you a gift of some sort - a decoration item, a spell, mushrooms, dye or maybe sugar beet juice for your dwarf mine - and it's called Jackalope video.

There are differences in how to trigger them, though:
Growth impulse can only be worked if there are plants on your field that aren't ready for harvesting yet. If your field is empty or if the plants are already fully grown, then if you watch a video you'll receive a jackalope gift.
Growth impulse can only be worked every so often. Normally you have a waiting period of 2 hours between two uses but this can be shortened by a set of bonus crystals, so your waiting period might be shorter.
If that waiting period is up, then the jackalope (meaning the little animal) will show up to indicate you can now watch a video - and it will be a growth impulse video.
1) Plants on your field that aren't ready to harvest yet and
2) Waiting period is up
=> growth impulse video is triggered.
If a growth impulse is available, you can NOT skip it and get a jackalope video instead - so if your plants will be ready to harvest soon and you want to save the growth impulse for the next plants, then you should wait until after your harvest and sow new plants first.

'Jackalope' videos (meaning videos that give a gift as mentioned above and that DON'T apply a growth impulse to your field) are triggered either by
1) The chance of a second video after a growth impulse or
2) Having collected a mushroom while the requirements for a growth impulse are not fulfilled.
Also after a mushroom-triggered Jackalope video there is a chance to get a second one.

The jackalope showing up in your village only tells you 'Hey, you can watch a video now!' - but what kind of reward you'll get (aka what category of video), that depends on the circumstances:

If there's a growth impulse available, then it will be a growth impulse.
If not, then it will be a video with a special gift reward, known as jackalope video ;)

I know this seems to be complicated at first sight...
Generally for us and for Dietrich it means we need to really understand what you mean and this is difficult if terms and meanings are not clear.

If the only information Dietrich has is 'the video doesn't work', then he can't know where to start digging. The video films themselves or the triggers for them...
If there's information that growth impulse works but jackalope videos don't - or the other way round, then he needs some more information to determine if this is a trigger problem.
If it's a problem with certain video films only, then he needs detailed information about them (ID and product, as explained in the starter posting of this thread).

We all want to help you as best as we can :) It may be annoying at times, but that's only possible if we get the necessary information from you.