View Full Version : Mira, PLEASE give me something to spend my rubies on...

Serpent Goddess
27th March 2016, 05:49 AM
I know you Devs have all been working hard, but this is getting very disappointing. I have 5584 rubies and nothing to spend it on.
I'm so heartbroken that I saw the 'mysterious garb' for the male avatar with a Snake. What did I see when I looked on my female avatar to buy this, a Lei. Really???
I can understand certain things as gender specific, but come on now. I've been begging for Snakes for close to 5 years. They should have both had Snakes, or maybe 2 versions - one with Snake, one with Lei.

Bottom line, my rubies are accumulating. Personally, I'm getting bored. I want Snakes and non gender specific clothing.
Please add a clothing item like the male version with a Snake before end of theme, and please be more Spring like...Snakes. Easter bunnies are for candy baskets. But thank you for leaving the religious stuff out.

Serpent Goddess

edited in line with TG terms and Conditions

Serpent Goddess
29th March 2016, 10:35 PM
Can I pay rubies for a one of a kind item?