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11th January 2016, 05:34 PM
Hello everyone! :)

We have had our Portal Islands for a while now, so I thought why not start a thread to show how creative we can be in decorating them, and maybe inspire others to join in the decorating adventure!

So, to start, here's a few from me.

octopia :)

"The Castle"



"The Beach"



"Christmas Market"



"Dragon Palace"



11th January 2016, 06:16 PM
Love it ^^

12th January 2016, 07:32 PM

1st March 2016, 05:30 PM
Hello everyone! :)
Here's another new portal design - "The River". (click pictures to zoom in)


And here a close-up of one way of building stairs using pieces of stone wall:


1st March 2016, 05:50 PM
:o Wow! Great job!

1st March 2016, 07:49 PM

22nd March 2016, 05:06 PM
Hello everyone! :)

Behold the Great Pyramid of Mira!


It's made from "ancient granite columns" which are available in your gifts selection. I lost count how many I used!


Can you solve the hieroglyphic riddle? Click images if you want to zoom in.


Does anyone else have images of portal islands they want to share? If you need help uploading them just send me an in-game mail.

octopia :)

23rd March 2016, 10:57 PM
Here is my Meadow World as a circus

http://i1278.photobucket.com/albums/y516/d0r4k1/mira%20circus_zps24d2vigt.png (http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/d0r4k1/media/mira%20circus_zps24d2vigt.png.html)

24th March 2016, 09:51 AM
This circus is wonderful - so much detail! I like the way the rail track weaves in between the trees. Also the different areas with the animals and side shows. It really captures the busy and fun atmosphere. Thank you for sharing. :)

26th April 2016, 06:31 AM
Thank you, Octo, for creating this thread. It's nice to be able to archive a picture before having to delete an island profile.

(and I love visiting OctopiaWorlds for inspiration!)


26th April 2016, 04:38 PM
This is beautiful, well done! A work of art. :)

Thanks EldonRouge for sharing!

2nd May 2016, 08:58 AM
Broomstick racing is here!!! Grab your broomstick and some friends and head over to my snowy portal to join in the fun (If you don't have the new broomstick prank, hopefully a friend can help).

Follow the green track clockwise, passing over each rune stone, and between the various obstacles. No teleporting allowed! :p

octopia :)


2nd May 2016, 08:14 PM
Octopia, it looks very nice, but where is it?

2nd May 2016, 08:33 PM
Octopia, it looks very nice, but where is it?

My Ice World Portal. Make sure you have decos turned on. :)

4th May 2016, 03:54 PM
Found it :)

26th May 2016, 07:07 PM
My Ice World :)

http://i1278.photobucket.com/albums/y516/d0r4k1/my%20ice%20world_zpsdktxnhtb.png (http://s1278.photobucket.com/user/d0r4k1/media/my%20ice%20world_zpsdktxnhtb.png.html)

28th May 2016, 05:32 PM
brrr ... looks cold, but beautiful. I love the tree at the back. :)

5th June 2016, 04:07 AM
!! I finally finished Nuthatch's: "City of A Hundred Walls"

(i actually called it finished a cpl weeks ago, but had to save to buy the 2 white/gold dragon statues at the top)

A couple months? ago, i ran into Nuthatch just before a TF, and she asked if there was anything i REALLY wanted, cuz she had a surplus of mana to share...

and i said? well... i do like decorating, and had been thinking how cool it would be to try playing with a few walls?

she said, "done!"... and i looked in my inventory excited to find a dozen or so... and i was like OMG! there were 10 corners and 100 walls!

... so, it's been a personal challenge to use all 100!

I also wanted to carry on the dragon theme while filling in around the city, so i put dragon eggs around the perimeter.

(i think there are 20?)


do I need to use an outside image provider to offer a clearer/larger image?

5th June 2016, 04:08 AM
this was my meadow in the interim: (i had all these animals and didn't know what to do with them!?)


7th June 2016, 09:21 AM
Hello! I love the "City of 100 Walls". Lots of work went into that. :)

re: image resolutions and image hosting web services:

There are pros and cons.

If you use photobucket it looks like you can get much higher resolution images into your forum posts. You can also zoom in to images by clicking them, which can be useful.

If you use the forum text editor's own "insert image" button, you don't need to set up an image-hosting account (with photobucket or anyone else). Also, I think the images become "attached" to the post more reliably. With photobucket, it's possible to accidentally delete images, and that can lead to dead image links in the forum.

I've always used photobucket, but maybe the forum editor's insert image button would be easier for most people. You can always present additional "zoomed in" images of the interesting details where needed.

Hope this helps. If there are any "forum experts" who can advise further on this, it would be great to know.

octopia :)

As of 1 July 2017 Photobucket no longer supports 3rd party linking for free accounts. This change means it is now preferable to use the forum's own attachment feature to insert any pictures.

6th August 2016, 07:48 AM
I haven't been decorating, but I want to keep this thread alive.

*grins* I know I posted this meadow deco before... but thought you'd get a laugh at where it came from.



6th November 2016, 03:38 PM

6th November 2016, 07:01 PM
Beautiful! I especially like the glow in the snowy portal. Thanks for sharing! :)

19th February 2017, 12:21 PM
Hello everyone, here are some pictures of my visit to the Museum (my cloud library portal):

Arriving at the Museum entrance


Fishes, Reptiles & Gastropods section


The Prehistoric Room


Enjoying tea & cakes in the Museum Restaurant


Museum Overview


Hope you like the pics! Feel free to visit - open 24 hours a day, but night time visits might get scary! :eek:

octopia :)

21st April 2017, 04:16 PM
Hello everyone, here are some pictures of the coastal town of "Port Mira" which can be found in the library portal of custodian.

Overall scene:


On board the pirate ship:
"X" marks the spot for buried treasure!


The "Lusty Wench" Tavern and the Wizard's Souvenir Shoppe:
The tavern is based on one of the same name in the seaside town of Brixham, UK, not far from me. The real one is now a very good seafood restaurant!


Ye Olde Blacksmith's Forge:
Not only supplies horseshoes, but sharp pointy things for pirates too. Arrh! ;)


Rosie Lee's Tea Shoppe:
Herb teas and coffee served here. Enjoy the unique view of the town from the seating areas on the roof!


Enjoy your visit to this Olde Worlde town, and I hope it brings inspiration for decorating ideas of your own. :)

23rd April 2017, 06:10 AM
Wow!!! this is so great, Octopia! I love it when all you deco artists post your creations!!!:D

26th April 2017, 10:21 PM
I thought I put my finished meadow world in here, too:


My desert world is near to completion but already worth a visit ;)


29th May 2017, 02:10 PM
And here is custodian's Meadow World, which has been designed as a terraced garden:



Pretty gardens:


Picnic area by the canal:


27th June 2017, 09:08 PM
I finally finished my desert/beach world:


There's the sea and the beach:


A wide lovely beach area with drinks for everyone:


A jungle to explore:


28th June 2017, 04:30 PM
Really nice, Imoen!

I love the shoreline with the waves lapping at the sand!

A great place to sit with a cool glass of my favourite mango & banana smoothie. :cool:

Thanks for sharing!

octopia :)

13th July 2017, 09:39 PM
Mira's very own Exclusive School For Wayward Witches and Sassy Sorcerers opened its portals today and started enrolling students for the new Academic year.

After witnessing a few bewildered looking wizards and shamans I decided to post a guided tour here as to what it is exactly we sorcerers and witches do at a school of our own.

Please stay with the post as it is a bit lengthy but it explains (almost) everything... :)

Welcome to the entrance portal of HotPocket's School For Wayward Witches and Sassy Sorcerers.

Please report to reception where you can apply to be enrolled at our school.

Please enjoy a free beverage or cookie while you wait to hear if your application was successful.

On to the classes.
Here is where our witches learn to fly on their broomsticks.
(Its actually very easy... You just fall and miss the ground)

Here is our library for Every Day Spells.
As you can see the spell catagories have been clearly marked on each bookshelf.
(Only true witches and sorcerers know what the markings represent)

Here is our school's fountain of eternal knowledge.
As you can see it is guarded by our ancient Kraken who also have the final say on if your application to enroll was successful or not)

Over here is where we practise our effect spells.
If you are just visiting be on your guard in this section as accidents have been known to happen.

Over here is our school's very "athletic" cat, doing what cats do best. :)

Over here is our top of the range, Muggle Information center.
From here we study muggle behaviour and and misbehaviour and sometimes also create false Facebook accounts to spy on friends of their friends. :D

Over here is where our witches learn various beauty potions and spells.
For some strange reason witches in general use a lot of these and its one of the more popular courses in our school.

Over here is where our sorcerers learn the art of seductive cooking.
The shelves on the wall behind might appear to be empty but they are not. They are filled with secret ingredients and if you could see them they won't be secret anymore, would they?

Over here is our general lecture room.
Its also used for general assembly sometimes.

Over here is where we re-learn ancient spells which most people have forgotten today.

On my left is where we learn Defence against the Light Arts and on my right is where we learn Defence against the dark arts.
Mira Sorcery is all about the balance. :)

One of our students had an accident in ancient spells class.
Don't worry, we are taking good care of her. (You may pat her if you like)

This also used to be one of our students. We are still trying to figure this one out.

And there you have it. HotPocket's School For Wayward Witches and Sassy Sorcerers. :)

14th July 2017, 10:47 AM
Wonderful imagination and such an interesting place to visit, well done Abellio! It really feels like a school with the wooden furniture and dusty bookshelves everywhere.

I have enrolled, and hope during the course of my studies to work out what the different spells do, and see the invisible items on the shelves!

octopia (student of HotPocket's) :)

14th July 2017, 06:05 PM
I have visited your school, too, and am deeply impressed!

Unfortunately I am a mage at present so I will have to look for another facility to enroll with. :eek:

28th July 2017, 07:59 AM
Here's our library bats posing for a selfie with Alfredo...
We think ALL Mira Library worlds should have at least 2 library bats to help sort the books... :)

Serpent Goddess
19th October 2017, 05:34 PM
Wow Abellio, Quite Impressive :)

19th October 2017, 08:44 PM
Gosh Serpent Goddess, there's been a few upgrades since I posted those. The school's expanded its services a bit since then. :) But thanks... :)

27th October 2017, 12:42 PM
At this spooky time of year why not visit the Haunted Castle in my Oceanic World. Here's some scary pictures to tempt you...

Ooh, the exit is covered, there's no way back! Can't hack this web site ...


Going to the Ghost Train ticket office. Would you like a hand with your drink? I wonder if they serve spirits?


Riding the Ghost Train. Wheee!


Zombie scarecrows are attacking the castle!


More zombie scarecrows! Try not to look down at the spider...


That must be the Ghost Train In-spectre ...


Not Cinderella surely?


Well, well ...


Overall scene:


Lucky there was a hot air balloon, so I could escape. Have a visit yourself sometime, with friends, or on your own if you dare ...

octopia :)

30th October 2017, 02:10 AM
I visited your Halloween portal the other night. It is absolutely fabulous Octopia, as always. It even inspired me to redecorate my Meadow World for Halloween.

30th October 2017, 02:20 AM
Here is what my Halloween "Meadow" looks like.

30th October 2017, 07:47 PM
I visited your fantastic worlds the other day Octopia! Abellio highly recommended them and they did not disappoint! I rode all your Ghost Trains lol. Thanks for all the smiles!

31st October 2017, 12:01 PM
Hello Brighteyes! I visited your Halloween Meadow world to take a closer look. Love the spooky graveyard! :cool:

6th November 2017, 05:07 PM
My latest decorating spree. I thought it was about time I used some of the gifts from the World Wanderer season.5234

8th November 2017, 07:39 AM
I thought its about time I posted a pic of the recent upgrades done at our Hotpocket's School for Sassy Sorcerers and Wayward Witches. (We applied for college status at the High Council but no word yet so far) :D


PS: In case you are wondering... That yellow bit on the side above the kitchen is Alfredo's own penthouse. :)

16th November 2017, 08:01 PM
Abellio this is Wonderful!!!!:)

1st December 2017, 02:26 AM
I love how you did the train tracks over water. very cool

27th January 2018, 11:18 PM
5523This Meadow belongs to Cia62. Well worth a visit to see it all animated. :D

28th January 2018, 10:50 PM
Time to show off my finished Ice world :D:


Slide through my icy castle like Miro does, enjoy a break in my tea room or admire the wonderful ice tree in the centre. Stop to listen to the star singers but beware the penguins with their babies and the ice crystal fox (though he likes to get fed every now and then ;))

Stop by and have fun in this winter wonderland :)

29th January 2018, 07:29 PM
Wow! Love the ice world Imoen! What a great idea.

I brought my broomstick and glided round so as not to fall over.

octopia :)

13th February 2018, 02:10 PM
WOW Imoen! Really wonderful place, your beach. I gonna plan my next holiday to stay here. Please get a pina colada ready for me ;).

15th February 2018, 07:11 PM
@octopia: Hahaha, broomsticks are a save way not to fall on my icy path.

@zauberftchen: You're welcome at any time :D

15th February 2018, 07:37 PM
That reminds me:

I just recently re-decorated my meadow world to create something like a typical Carnival's parade (I actually avoid them here in my place but the natives are very fond of this tradition and parade at least twice through the town during the crazy days)...

So this is what I observed the few times I got curious enough to leave the house for watching and collecting sweet stuff:

Every good party has at least one food stand and what tastes better than a grilled sausage while waiting in the cold for the parade to pass and fill your bags with sweets?


Punch and Judy show and a street organ:
Enjoyment for the tinies amongst us so they don't get bored waiting.


Show programmes:
Comedians, musicians and the Carnival's Royals are guiding us through a potpourri of songs, jester speeches and jokes.


Be part of the parade!


And that's the whole picture:

If you right click on the picture and then click on 'Open image in new tab' you can see the picture in the full resolution.