View Full Version : Upgrading from Karl to Ina as a mine worker

Eleanor Rigby
7th November 2015, 03:38 PM
I have hired Karl who is producing rubies every day. I was thinking of upgrading to Ina but have questions before I do this.

Does Ina replace Karl or work alongside him?
If she replaces him, what happens to the rest of the days on Karl's contract?
Do I get a refund somehow if I replace Karl before his time is up?
Should I just wait until his time is up before I hire Ina?
My beet juice counter is full. Will this carry over to Ina or do I have to start all over again filling the beet juice counter when Ina starts working?
What about if I do NOT continue a ruby mine worker immediately when Karl's contract finishes? Do I keep the full beet juice meter in case I do hire another worker?

Thank you!

7th November 2015, 07:41 PM
There is a nice description of Karl and Ina in the answers section, if you upgrade to Ina you will pay the difference between the two, it is my understanding that the beet juice does not carry over when your contract is up, you start all over with an empty tube.

12th November 2015, 07:38 AM
The beet juice only stays for the current hiring. And I word it that way specifically. If you upgrade, that is still considered the current hiring, though you will be replacing Karl with Ina. When you wait for the contract to expire, you start fresh (this, of course, must happen after Ina's contract, because there are no more upgrades from there). You don't get a refund for replacing Karl because the upgrade is the difference between what you paid for Karl and what you have to pay for Ina's contract to be 180 days from the day you started Karl. That sounded complicated, even though I don't think it really is. Basically, Karl's contract is replaced by Ina's as if you'd never hired Karl, except you keep the rubies and beet juice.

I think personally, if I could have afforded to upgrade from Karl to Ina before his first contract was up, I would have, just to save the beet juice. I was expecting to start over, but it's still a little sigh-worthy to remember I'm back to nothing and I have to watch a whole bunch of extra videos again, lol.