View Full Version : All Sugar Beet Juice and Luck GONE

29th October 2015, 08:35 PM
Today I renewed my subscription for the dwarf mine. However, I was very unhappy to see that all of my sugar beet juice and all of my luck had gone. I frequently have issues with the Jackalope videos so it has not been easy to get any sugar beet juice at all! Now the return from the mine will be smaller and it's not even that big to begin with. This should have been told to us in advance as it would have impacted my decision to renew.

I also wonder whether I would have kept my sugar beet juice if I had renewed the subscription before it ran out. Perhaps any other players have experience with that?

30th October 2015, 06:39 AM
It was definitely implied in advance, even if it wasn't spelled out for us. I expected it to go back to zero. The sugar beet juice affects each hiring, not all dwarves forever... otherwise it would be even more frustratingly rare.

And even though the dwarf's return is "small," it still more than pays for itself, even without luck. 90 days x 6 rubies per day = 540 rubies minimum. Yeah, it's a big up front expenditure, but you are guaranteed to make a 41 ruby return.

I understand your frustrations with the video, but the entire game is a system for Travian to make money. That we can get forty free rubies at all is kind of miraculous.

31st October 2015, 07:46 AM
I forgot to add: every time I tried to renew during the dwarf's work period, I was not allowed. I think you are only allowed to upgrade or rehire. Presumably, if you upgrade, you keep your sugar beet juice (because it is technically the same hiring), but as soon as the upgrade expires, you will start at zero as usual.