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17th September 2015, 11:07 AM
"Home - Activity stream"
Lately I've been getting this page as forum opening page everytime I log in, but haven't set it up as default - at least not on purpose. Can I change it somewhere ?

I wouldn't mind if this was just english language forum but it's a combined effort for several other languages too. Therefore the activity stream can display a long list of messages in different languages and I find it hard to spot messages in english. I don't find this setup either useful or convenient and I'd like to change it if I can.

Aliya Silver
17th September 2015, 12:28 PM
Hello Jause,

thank you for posting this - I didn't notice because usually I don't use the ingame link to forum.

What you can do now: set a bookmark for the English part of the forum, then you'll be able to go there directly. That's how I do it.

Apart from that we're going to pass it on and ask for it being reversed. You're absolutely right that it doesn't make much sense with the diversity of languages we have.

Have a nice day,