View Full Version : The new dragon spell isn't opening

27th August 2015, 10:21 PM
The new Dragon spell... its says on the forum under the change log.

New spell collection
The new spell collection dragon illusion can now be found in the spell bar and it will initially contain 2 new spells:
• "Fright of the depths" is always available.
• Uses of the "Soul of the forest" can only be obtained with the strong mine crystal.

I'm sorry to say BUT ... The new Dragon spell that is unlocked by buying the strong ruby mining crystal isn't unlocking after buying the strong mining crystal, I've clearing history, refreshing the game, and cleared flash and cookies. It's still locked :(

28th August 2015, 05:32 AM
• Uses of the "Soul of the forest" can only be obtained with the strong mine crystal, and with some dwarven luck!.

That´s the full text of the changelog concerning this spell. Means, you only get some when having luck in the mine and getting additional rubies.

Aliya Silver
28th August 2015, 07:43 PM
OK, I'm trying to clarify this.

The changelog didn't provide much information about that, so it was amended after we found out that players seemed to have problems with that part.

However - it did not tell you that at buying the crystal you'd receive the spell right away. And the crystal itself gave a short description that it hands out 2 uses of the spell at collecting rubies from the mine with luck.
That means:

*if you have hired a dwarf and
*if you have bought that crystal
*then at collecting rubies from the mine and only in the case of getting a second lucky load,
*you'll also receive two uses of the spell which will be placed in your spell menu automatically.

We're really sorry about the confusion.
If you have bought the crystal under the impression of owning that spell from then on and are truly unhappy about the conditions, please contact support.

Hoping you enjoy the update nonetheless,

PS. I'm also going to close this thread. If you still have questions about it, please contact support or send me a PM.