View Full Version : Making dragon food error

6th July 2015, 03:46 PM
There's a bug when you make dragon food when you already have some dragon food. It shows an incorrect number after you've made the food.
I had 290 dragon food already. I made 5 masterful dragon food. It then said I had 2,901,25 which is not even a correctly formatted number. However, as you can see, it has the 290 and the first three digits of the amount of food I just made, which is 1,250. Closing the mushroom bag and then opening it again shows the correct amount of 1,540.
If you start with 0 dragon food, it shows the correct amount made - in this case, I made 5 dragon food and it correctly showed 1,250.
This error showed up on both Chrome and Firefox. I had seen it previously, but did not have an opportunity to experiment and make notes at that time, so did not report it.