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grape koolade
21st May 2015, 05:51 AM

I can no longer use this game.

I'm on a macbook air running OSX 10.9.5. Two days ago I started the game up, and got a message that I needed to update flash. So I did. After that I got a script error and spinning beachball, repeatedly. The game never started. I've since updated firefox since there was an update offered. It still won't start. I get a popup saying that a script is either failing to respond or ... something else. I forget. I copied out the script mentioned in the error popup:

Script: http://s1.miramagia.com/js/swfobject.js:4

It seems to be trying to connect to facebook. Anyhow, I'm totally unable to play the game at all at this point. It had gotten too slow for me to enjoy, and is now entirely unavailable. Oh, and the spinning beachball completely locks up my system.

Yes, I did clear flash cache. Restarted my mac. And restarted the browser multiple times.

So this might be my goodbye. Flash based games are just problematic. It's too bad, since I spent real money on this game, and haven't used up all the in-game currency I bought. And I like the game as a concept, I just can't deal with how slow it is. *sigh*

--Grape Koolade / Louise

Aliya Silver
21st May 2015, 03:53 PM
Hi grape koolade,

the facebook connection has been known to cause problems now and then :(

However, apparently it started with your flash update - so did you try to deinstall it and get the former version again?
It wouldn't be the first time that a new version of flash has some problems...

I hope you manage to get into the game again after that :)

Have a nice day,

grape koolade
25th May 2015, 03:46 AM
I have no idea how to deinstall a flash update, and it had security features. Plus... I've been gradually losing interest in Mira due to how slow it is; even before this update, I was sitting grinding my teeth waiting for the main screen to change to the dream world screen (for example).

I hope this gets fixed; I'll check the forum every so often to see.

Thanks for your reply!


grape koolade
4th June 2015, 04:14 AM
It let me log in today!!!! Slowly, but I'm back in. Whew.