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25th April 2015, 03:14 PM
A dear friend who plays may have to give up due to problems with her vision. Do any players have any tricks or advice to make her gameplay easier?

Aliya Silver
25th April 2015, 08:06 PM
What exactly is her problem? Writing in chat or the game itself? Any specific features that are tricky?

=> Chat: you can increase the size of the text if you click the upwards arrow to the right of the little box with the number in it (default 11, displays the current size)
=> Game: did she try the desktop magnifying feature of Windows? That might help her - it magnifies a certain area around the position of the cursor.

26th April 2015, 06:57 AM
Thanks Aliya! Sh'e already magnified chat, but I'll certainly mention the windows magnifying to her.

She has macular degeneration, where you develop a slowly increasing black hole in the centre of your vision. She can't collect mushrooms beyond the once daily free collection, and has trouble with things like fertilising crops (I suggested holding the mouse button down to do it). I haven't pressed for details, but i think she probably has trouble reading how long her crops will take to grow, who has blessed her crops, mail through her mailbox, that sort of thing.

Aliya Silver
26th April 2015, 05:40 PM
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that...

But for most of these things the windows magnifying option might be very helpful. If I remember it right, there's also an option to set the size of that magnified part and to set the multiplier for magnifying it. Though the higher that multiplier is set the less smooth it looks.

This is magnified by 200% - with a rather wide part of the screen being magnified:

It needs some getting used to ;) but if she can work out a shortcut for activating/deactivating it, then it might be a good solution.

Let's hope it will keep her in the game :)

27th April 2015, 09:38 AM
Thanks very much for sharing this Aliya! I hope it will be a big help and make the game a pleasure for her again.