View Full Version : The development of the village trees

Aliya Silver
19th April 2015, 12:01 AM
It is every village's pride: a well-tended tree in its centre.
However, every thing and especially every plant starts small...

So if you want to see what your tree looked like a long time ago
- or if you want to see what it will look like soon -
have fun with this gallery!


Level 1

A small seedling of a tree with some
thin twigs and a handful of leaves.


Level 2

The stem grows a bit thicker,
the twigs are stronger, with
some more leaves.


Level 3

The little tree grows a bit higher,
the twigs proudly show off their
fresh green leaves.


Level 4

A growth spurt transforms the seedling
into a funny globe shaped young tree
with a strong stem.


Level 5

The crown of leaves grows larger and
the stem gets noticeably thicker to
support it.


Level 6

The stem's bark starts to show signs of age:
the first fissures appear.
From the crown a few twigs are protruding
and the first magic ornaments appear:
hangings and twirls.


Level 7

The stem develops stronger roots and
is now a mighty tree trunk.
The crown of leaves gets wider.


Level 8

The tree develops long and strong roots
while the leaves sprout some more
magical ornaments.


Level 9

At this stage the tree looks a bit ruffled:
some prominent roots to the front right side
are suggestive of the tree being in danger
of toppling over and some random twigs
poke out from the leaves which grow
even higher and wider.


Level 10

The tree has managed to tidy itself up again
and even has started to "dress up".
The first ornaments on the trunk are coloured,
between the leaves there are now various
hanging growths: magic swirls
and little pink orbs surround the tree.


Level 11

Lots of pulsating magic ornaments appear
at the trunk and on the rocks around the tree.
The crown reaches its final size and shape with
a number of decorative elements in bright pink
and yellow.
Some moss or a bush of rich green grows
at the shadowy right side of the tree's base.


Level 12

The decoration in the tree's top gets even
richer and a yellow flower appears
in the middle of the green leaves.
In the grass surrounding the tree
some blue flowers have emerged.


Level 13

The tree's flower has moved to a different spot
and a bird's nest has been built.
It is still empty - watch out for the owners
to arrive.
The stones between the roots have grown
a bit and even the roots now stretch beyond
the small village tree mound.


Level 14+

The tree reaches its final appearance.
some pink butterflies or baby birds sit between
rich magic ornaments and flowers.
A little pink bird watches over a huge
orange coloured egg with red dots.