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Aliya Silver
7th April 2015, 06:50 PM
General information

The four different avatar classes each have their own residences which are growing slowly according to the player level.

They also reflect the colour of the avatar class: red for sorcerers, blue for mages - the shamans' yellow can be found in the thatch roof parts and the druids' green is mirrored by the huge tree that is part of the house.

Your own house sports an additional animation which is connected to your class: light blue balls of energy circling around the tower for mages; gold-yellow sparkling stars for shamans; multi-coloured butterflies surrounding a druid's house and bats or ravens racing around a sorcerer's house.

The village houses grow into the next stage as soon as a player reaches lvl 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81 and 91. Since Miramagia is based upon the idea of transforming after reaching lvl 100, there is no further development after that. If you (or a fellow player) reach one of these levels which mark a growth spurt of the house, you may have to reload the game to see the effect.

Aliya Silver
7th April 2015, 07:18 PM

Stage 0:
Level 1-10

A little tower with a brass
telescope to observe the
movement of the planets.


Stage 1:
Level 11-20

The basement has become wider
and higher, the telescope is
now at the new and lower roof.


Stage 2:
Level 21-30

A rectangular wing has been
attached to the round tower.


Stage 3:
Level 31-40

The tower has grown an additional
floor and the telescope has been
given a second ocular.
There is no entrance any more,
so let's hope your supplies of
food, ink and paper are


Stage 4:
Level 41-50

The new floor of the tower has
grown a bit more, the little bay and
the left wing of the house have
become considerably larger and
on top of the tower a
weathercock has appeared.


Stage 5:
Level 51-60

A second wing at the back right
side has appeared which provides a
door for easier access again.


Stage 6:
Level 61-70

Both wings have been enlarged
and a little bay at the back right
side of the tower appears -
as well as dormer window above
the entrance.
The telescope now has been given
a third ocular.


Stage 7:
Level 71-80

A green bench for relaxing hours
has been put beside the entrance
and a second, more slender tower
now makes the house a castle.


Stage 8:
Level 81-90

Renovation time!
The main tower and the right wing
have been completely remodelled
into a mighty castle with a
huge observatory and church-like
high windows.
Maybe high level mages don't leave
their ivory tower much or they are
able to levitate - the entrance has
vanished again but a shed has
been built.


Stage 9:
Level 91+

The little shed had to give way
for another wing with a tower
attached to it - and a fourth
tower has been built at the
left wing.

Aliya Silver
7th April 2015, 08:21 PM
Stage 0:
Level 1-10

A little clay house with a
terrace on the flat roof,
mysterious markings and
a totem mask or shield

Stage 1:
Level 11-20

The pillar at the right corner
has grown and a second
pillar at the front corner
has appeared.

Stage 2:
Level 21-30

A large annexe has been built
behind the original house
while the front pillar has
vanished again.

Stage 3:
Level 31-40

A grand new pillar has been
set up behind the annexe -
its purpose is still unknown.

Stage 4:
Level 41-50

Major renovation!
The original house has now become
a first floor under a spacious loggia.
The pillars have gone while the
annexe has become a lot larger and
even has a balcony attached.
The thatch roofs have gone for now.

Stage 5:
Level 51-60

The large cube has grown higher
and the balcony has turned into a
little extension of the first floor.
A protective snake symbol has
appeared at the right side of the
main cube and some windows now
provide more light.

Stage 6:
Level 61-70

Apparently even shamans need some
protection against the sun sometimes:
the thatch roofs have reappeared
over the loggia and the latest
A new balcony has been built and
a shield and spears have been
attached on top.

Stage 7:
Level 71-80

A pillar has been rebuilt in front of
the house and the top flat roof
is now accessible and nicely
decorated with two round seats
and a potted plant.

Stage 8:
Level 81-90

The staircase on top has been
provided with another thatch roof
and three more pillars have been put
in place at the top terrace, behind
the cube to the right and in front of
the house.
Also a little round hut has
appeared - maybe a sweat lodge
for an expurgatorial ritual?

Stage 9:
Level 91+

Finally one last pillar has been added
at the left corner of the house.

Aliya Silver
7th April 2015, 08:22 PM
Stage 0:
Level 1-10

A little shack made of roughly hewn
beams and a bright red roof.
A crooked chimney dissipates the
smoke from the ever busy kitchen -
alchemical tasks and laundry
have to be done daily!

Stage 1:
Level 11-20

The little house has been rebuilt with
love and more knowledge at home
Even some windows with green painted
shutters have been added.

Stage 2:
Level 21-30

The new dormer window makes the
angled house even more homely.

Stage 3:
Level 31-40

An extension wing has been built at
the back right side of the house.

Stage 4:
Level 41-50

The new wing has been further
extended and a birdcage has been
hung from a beam
in front of the house.

Stage 5:
Level 51-60

The main part of the house has been
expanded to the left so it mirrors the
right half. The chimney has been
crudely prolonged and now needs
support so it doesn't tip over.
The washing line had to be

Stage 6:
Level 61-70

The right wing of the house has been
given a turret.

Stage 7:
Level 71-80

A large tower has been built
behind the house - the perfect
place to lock up Rapunzel...

Stage 8:
Level 81-90

The tower has been made even higher
and a second washing line has been
stretched between it and the main
part of the house.
A second chimney has been attached
to the little turret - maybe the
alchemic experiments have been
banned from the kitchen after all.

Stage 9:
Level 91+

The tower has been equipped with a
dormer window and a large barrel is
now collecting the rain from the
extensive roof surfaces.
The main chimney has been stretched
once more and the second chimney
has been strengthened - most likely
in order to withstand the toxic vapours
of the alchemic research.

Aliya Silver
7th April 2015, 08:24 PM
Stage 0:
Level 1-10

A little square barracks made of roughly
hewn granite blocks supports a tree
growing around it; and, to the side, there
is a small menhir with a triskel symbol.

Stage 1:
Level 11-20

A stair has turned the former window
to a second entrance. The turret on
top of the flat roof has been made
bigger and the tree has grown a bit.

Stage 2:
Level 21-30

Better rebuild the house as long as it's
still small... the tree has been
repositioned to the left, walls have been
made higher, the buildup on the roof
has been made wider and the stairs
now lead up to a window again.

Stage 3:
Level 31-40

A terrace has been added at the back
left side, the tree has grown around the
house. The stairs lead up to a door at last
and a fireplace with a bowl for fumigating
herbs has been added to the front yard.
The menhir with the triskel must have been
replaced by a larger one.

Stage 4:
Level 41-50

The buildup has been given another level,
the standing stone at the front corner has
been enlarged and the menhir has again
been replaced by a larger one.
The tree has also grown some more.

Stage 5:
Level 51-60

The second floor of the house has been
completed with a little window. The tree
has retreated to give way
for the growing house.

Stage 6:
Level 61-70

The former terrace has been converted
into a floor plate for a new wing of the
The second floor has been extended
even more.

Stage 7:
Level 71-80

Another standing stone has been erected at
the corner of the former terrace, the
tree has grown higher and the
protective menhir has been exchanged for
an even larger one.

Stage 8:
Level 81-90

The second floor has been extended to the
new wing and the tree has grown so much
that now it stretches across the residence.

Stage 9:
Level 91+

A final platform has been added to the
roof, a ladder leading up to it.
The huge pentagram engraved on it
focusses the spirits and
enforces incantations.